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Latest Update in Duplicate Content Filter - Google's Alarming Call for Content Writers

By  Junaid Ali

The world of a content writer pretty much revolves around the latest Google updates and algorithm launched for the websites. The main idea at the back of their mind is to create a piece that is worth reaching the top results in the search bar of the Google’s website, right? In such a quest, it becomes difficult for the writers to ignore even the slightest change or update launched by the Google masters! This is why there is a dire need to understand the difference between the duplicate content, copied content, duplicate content filter and the duplicate content penalty. Better understanding will keep the writers calm and compel them to produce the best content pieces for the business’s website.

And the first thing the content writers need to get rid of is the notion of Google’s alarming call for the content writers as there is no such thing up to date related to the duplicate content penalty! Thus, instead of being worried about what to do, the writers need to understand the idea behind the latest update. The update specifically deals with the duplicate content filter and does not say anything about the duplicate content penalty. The Magento development company writers have updated their knowledge in this regard.

Getting to know more about the duplicate content filter!

Before we step ahead in the world of SEO and duplicate content, let’s first find out how the duplicate content is defined. The Google’s content guidelines say:

Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin”

Examples of non-malicious duplicate content could include:

  • Discussion platforms or forums that can help to generate both stripped-down and regular pages specifically targeted at mobile devices
  • Store items and the multiple distinct URLs that show and link the pages
  • Printer-only versions of web pages

What is a duplicate content filter?

Coming onto the duplicate content filter, it revolves around the working style of the Google system. Google determines the duplicate content based on the relevancy score of the website. It checks out the pages of the website, the search engine bots crawl across the website and classify the data into the databases. Then, the pages that are duplicate or spam are filtered out.

The idea here is to impart the wisdom that not all the content you copy and paste from any other site is the duplicate content. The translated content and the mobile site content do not fall under the category of the duplicate content but they do come with some issues and those are covered below.

What’s the issue with duplicate content?

Though the duplicate content penalty does not exist but the duplicate content filter process does come with some issues that the content writers need to take care of. They are as follows:

  • Link popularity dilution issue

The SEO people keep on stressing on the need to produce authentic and consistent URL structure for your website. When it comes to duplicate content, the URL links are often not that consistent and good. This results in the distribution of different versions of the website link and messes up the process of link-building.

  • Search engine gets confused

With so much duplicate content on the plate, the writers are prone to confuse the search engine for sure. The search engine indexes the content and stores it in the databases. With duplicate content at hand, the search engine gets confused when it comes to indexing the content. It leads to difficulty in rewarding the pages and then messes up the scene of displaying the right page in the search result bar.

But does it hurt the SEO efforts and the website ranking?

The good news is that it does not! Andy Crestodina says in 3 myths about duplicate content (in Kissmetrics blog), “I have never seen any evidence that non-original content hurts a website’s ranking…”  Other people also support this notion and so it is safe to say that even though you’ll face issues with duplicate content but it wouldn’t hurt your website’s ranking.

Moreover, there are four types of duplicate content. They include the websites with identical pages, scraped content, distribution of certain articles and the e-commerce product descriptions.


The business companies and startups always look forward to hiring the best content developers. For this, you can even hire Magento developer or other website designers/ developers to generate good content for you. Make sure whatever team you hire, it knows best about the latest Google updates.

 Written By Junaid Ali

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