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Latest Technology for Automated Process Control

By  Tiffany

In many industrial automated manufacturing and production processes, it's essential to maintain precise control over the pressure of the fluid or gases. For fulfilling the need for optimal precision and repeatability, a pressure controller provides you with the best solution. 

Electronic pressure controllers reduce the incoming pressure of the fluid or gas and maintain consistency for the completion of the process so that the system can operate smoothly and the user has the expected high-quality product. Today, automated systems are widely used at manufacturing units where they serve various purposes from transporting the components to building the whole product.

Importance of Proportional Flow Control?

An electronic pressure controller consists of a PID controller, a pressure transmitter, and a proportional valve. According to the amount and the type of pressure the valve is placed upstream or downstream. The PID controller activates the valve so that the required pressure can be maintained. It is necessary to consider the nature of the media, temperature and various other factors while getting the pressure controller so that the suitable device can be purchased. 

Below we have mentioned some points to lighten the importance of electronic pressure controllers:

Measure Pressure and Regulate the Fluid:

In automated systems, pressure controllers serve to measure and regulate the fluid at the correct pressure. They are commonly used in the automobile, aerospace, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and other industries. These devices measure the pressure with the help of the sensors and make the required adjustment in the size of the orifice, so that the required pressure can be maintained for the correct happening of the process.

Maintain the Set Pressure:

A high pressure controller performs the necessary changes in the opening or closing of the valve to retain the desired pressure. Because of this, they are widely used in various applications around us. By keeping the pressure of the fluid or gas low, these devices guarantee a safe working environment. They reduce the downtime of the automated systems. The presence of the controllers prevents them from bearing high pressure and temperature. Therefore, the automated systems perform their best.

Provides an Element of Safety:

In automation, there is a great need to keep the pressure low and maintain consistency so that the system can perform the assigned task efficiently. Today, proportional valve controllers are available in different sizes, shapes and types to fulfil the needs of different systems. One of the most vital reasons for their wide use in automated systems is their accuracy and stability.

Final Words:

Electronic pressure controllers are the devices that help various industrial sectors in fulfilling the quality standards and help them to maintain a safe working environment for the workers. High pressure can be very dangerous for the system or the operators. It can become the reason for a blast and can harm the workers. But the pressure controllers have provided an element of safety. Through it, the workers can easily maintain the required pressure from a distant place.


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