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Is Simplilearn a Fraud or a Valuable Learning Resource?

By  Yukta Sharma

In the quickly changing world of today, it is frequently necessary to upskill and continuously study in order to stay ahead of the curve in your job. With a vast variety of courses available to help people learn new skills and knowledge, online education platforms have become incredibly popular in recent years. Simplilearn provides a range of courses on subjects like IT, business skills, digital marketing, and more. If you spend some time reading through what others have written about their experiences with Simplilearn, you will know that this is the best option for your educational needs. Simplilearn is one such company that has drawn widespread praise for its educational model and quality of pedagogy. In this article, we'll examine if Simplilearn is a fraud or a reliable learning tool.

What is Simplilearn?

Simplilearn is an online learning platform that provides a wide range of courses in many different subject areas, including project management, data science, digital marketing, IT and software development, and more. The platform, which was launched in 2009, now serves millions of students globally. Both novices and seasoned professionals wishing to advance their skill sets will find something to interest them in its course offerings. It gives customers access to top-notch material created by seasoned experts and respected professionals. The platform has been created to assist people in learning the skills they require for their future professional success.

What Types of Courses Does Simplilearn Provide?

Over 500 courses are available through Simplilearn in a variety of subjects like project management, data science, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), DevOps, software engineering, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and more. These courses come in a variety of formats, including self-paced online courses and instructor-led live classes.

What Is the Certification Process of Simplilearn?

A learner who successfully completes a course will receive certification from Simplilearn, which serves as evidence of the skills they have learned as a result of this program. Simplilearn is, all things considered, a great tool for anyone wishing to develop their skills and profession. We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Simplilearn in the next section.

Who Should Use Simplilearn?

Anyone looking to learn new technical or business skills should consider Simplilearn. However, if you're a professional trying to "upskill" or enhance your knowledge and skills, it can be the ideal option for you. If you perform well in your course, the knowledge you acquire through Simplilearn may help you advance your profession.

Simplilearn differs from other platforms of a similar nature in that it acknowledges that different people learn in various ways. Many of the courses on the platform are accessible in several learning alternatives because Simplilearn is aware that some people prefer a different learning style than others. If you want to set the tempo, you can select self-paced. If you learn best by attending live lectures, you can also choose the online bootcamp option. Everyone, or at least those looking to learn in the business and computer industries, is catered to by Simplilearn.

Pros of Choosing a Course from Simplilearn

Simplilearn provides a variety of courses, including those in digital marketing, project management, data science and analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more. The courses are made to assist professionals in honing their abilities in the newest technology. All courses include interactive learning tools, such as videos, quizzes, and practice exams, to help students better understand the ideas.

Additionally, all programs have earned accreditation from prestigious organizations in the sector, including the CompTIA and PMI (Project Management Institute). If you have any inquiries regarding the course material or require help registering for a course, Simplilearn offers first-rate customer service support via live chat or email.

  • Content quality- Simplilearn has come under fire from certain users for providing courses with out-of-date or useless material. Although this is a legitimate worry, it's important to understand that technology is a dynamic field. Keeping content current can be difficult for any online education platform. Although Simplilearn makes an effort to update its course material, sometimes this effort is surpassed by learner expectations and business trends.
  • Marketing strategies- Simplilearn's marketing strategies, which include aggressive email marketing and focused advertising, have drawn criticism as well. These strategies have been deemed obtrusive and irksome by certain users. Such marketing techniques, nevertheless, are widespread in the online education sector and are not exclusive to Simplilearn.
  • Pricing and refund policy- The cost of courses and the refund procedures are the subject of another frequent complaint. Some users have complained that they had trouble getting their money back for courses that didn't live up to their expectations. Although these worries are valid, they are not unique to Simplilearn. Many venues for online learning need help with their price policies and return policies. Before making a purchase, users must conduct extensive research and comprehend the terms and conditions.

Is Simplilearn a Fraud or a Valuable Learning Resource?

Yes, Simplilearn is a trusted resource for online learning. Over 400 courses are available, covering topics including data science, cloud computing, project management, and digital marketing. The courses are intended to assist professionals in upskilling or reskilling for their desired career path. The content is prepared by industry specialists. Additionally, Simplilearn offers 24/7 mentor support, access to practical projects, and practice exams. With all these qualities, it becomes a dependable, anytime, anywhere source of high-quality education.


Simplilearn is a fantastic resource for people who want to increase their knowledge and proficiency in a range of subjects. The courses are thorough, simple to follow, and reasonably priced.

Finding a payment method that works best for you is simple, thanks to the variety of alternatives available. 

If you're thinking about taking online courses but want to avoid signing up for MasterClass or other pricey programs, Simplilearn might be worth looking into. However, in the end, only you—based on your requirements, goals for learning, and financial situation—can decide if this program is the best fit for you.

Simplilearn has the ideal courses and programs with professional reviews to put you on the right track to attaining your academic objectives.


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