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iOS 11 Features, Update: Everything We Would Get From The Next iOS


Apple will hold its 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference in California at the M CC on June 5. when the world will get to see the next operating system from the company, then the iOS 11 which will carry the next iPhones and iPads. 

According to Digital Trends, in a typical fashion, Apple will launch its next, iOS 11 operating system in beta version in June with the full version releasing early in the fall. Some of the much-hyped features among the rumored ones could actually feature in the upcoming iOS 11. Among them is the much discussed "group FaceTime calling"; this feature was discussed by some tech journo and subsequently got removed, but not before being picked by others.

The source "Cyanhat" who discussed the "group FaceTime calling", also discussed the fact that Apple is well set to make the FaceTime Audio the default method of calling between iPhone users in its next iOS 11. This move from Apple is becoming a trend after the company replaced the SMS with iMessage some years ago. FaceTime Audio will operate on LTE and will provide clearer audio quality.

Apple will definitely like to give tough competitions to online payment giants PayPal's Venmo and Square Cash by launching its own peer-to-peer money transfers to its digital wallet service. In iOS 11, Apple will change "wallet" into "Pay" and will bring important changes in money transfer. The company is looking to bring substantial changes in the "Low Power Mode" of its next iOS 11. This will make power management even better when the user is low on battery by turning on itself according to the needs.

According to Imore, there are furthermore circulating stories about some of the changes that could take place in the iOS 11. Some new features like the 'Dark Theme' which has been long due in Apple devices. Taking a note from the Apple Watch, the next iPhone 8 could use the OLED display with the "Dark Theme" to make it more power efficient.

Also, the next iOS 11 is poised to get an even more enhanced "Siri". Along with a better bunch of Siri apps, the next operating system from Apple could well see the "handoff for media" being introduced.

Source: This article was published on by Debapriya Dutta


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