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The Best Examples of the Introduction of Online Education in Universities

By  Christian Duke

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The best examples of the introduction of online education have been known long before the pandemic times or the presence of digital courses that are freely available online. It is insufficient to introduce online technology or provide the LMS system like Google Classroom or a platform like Slack with customization. One must provide accessibility and technical implementation that would keep the students engaged and inspired.

Since we are always dealing with the classroom face-to-face approach in a normal environment, introducing online education is not easy to implement! The main problem is the absence of the practical aspect where the theory and online access become the top priority. As university students perceive curriculum content via online campuses, one cannot state that it is online education as a whole. There are far greater challenges that must be addressed, as the practical examples show. 

Iowa State University Using Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning Methods. 

This is one of the best e-learning examples that does not cost a fortune or comes with a proverbial grain of salt. This university does not limit itself with the terminology because the web technology helps the learners with distance learning and online education that is both synchronous and asynchronous. It means that the teachers can interact during the different times by including recorded streams and video conferences or webinars.

 It provides many options in terms of self-guiding and communication with the instructors based on a personal schedule. If such an approach is limited to live conferences only, it becomes impossible to get help 24/7. The only solution is to approach essay writing services online while asking for help. When the university provides recorded data and has a helpdesk, you are able to use several learning models without ruining your grades. 

Harvard Online Education Solution. 

The famous Harvard university provides learning materials and online access across the globe regardless of your location. The team behind online education believes that students should have as much interaction as they can. Unlike many universities, you are not left with the recorded sessions only but with global access where you can listen to professors from Japan, the United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, and Australia. Depending on your course, you will be able to learn from the world and explore new cultures. Such an approach makes it possible to use the benefits of online education differently.

Since there are many Harvard courses that are online and affiliated with famous schools like edX, the university uses Canvas LMS first to build the content and then adjusts the platform to meet its objectives. Once the online education course is unfolded, the community spirit becomes a part of the equation that leads to a successful outcome. The community projects and interaction make it possible to learn and feel fully engaged. Since Canvas is used across all the accredited schools, you will be able to transfer your past educational credits and tests that have already been uploaded to share them with Harvard’s educational environment.  

Canvas With a Technical Support Feature Involved. 

It is just one of the examples where you can use the LMS with progressive grading. Since there are many options that university students can use like Canvas or the custom solutions, the trick is to secure the learners and provide them with a space where they can store their files and share the assignments. Turning to online educational platforms, university professors become attached to the paradigm and the set of tools that are being used. For example, the University of Melbourne provides students with a personalized Learning Management System called Canvas. 

The solution that they have is divided into the branch that can be accessed by the staff and the solution that can be accessed by the students only. There are different privileges and the great ServiceNow ticket solution that can be submitted online or via the phone. It helps to handle all the technical glitches that always occur. It makes it possible to avoid delays and assists students and university professors when they encounter a technical challenge. 

Oxford’s Mixed Approach to LMS 

Let's cross the big pond and take a closer look at the University of Oxford! As we can see, the famous university implements Nexus 365 by Microsoft Teams. It is quite surprising as they use it as the main communication platform for their teaching methods and team projects. Online learning is implemented in one of the best ways as the students have more than one option. The best part is the import and export list of features that provides students with all the necessary apps and tools to study the way they prefer. 

As Oxford provides both live and recorded sessions, they are able to share Microsoft Drive links for the students to help everyone access and share the files. It's also easier to provide the same platform where university professors and supervisors can track down the progress and help by leaving comments. The system is secure and already involves learning materials and sufficient storage space.

As their next alternative to Nexus 365, one can access Canvas as well. It has replaced the Web Learn that has been there before. The helpful Oxford YouTube channel is helpful to keep things running smoothly! There are also special Oxford apps for Android and iOS platforms that make it possible to learn anywhere.

The Shift in Education 

The creation of virtual classrooms also requires a major shift in education as these cannot be formed from scratch. Starting with the course management solutions to various training of the instructors, the role of the teacher is constantly changing. While we are dealing with a flexible schedule and a different way of communication, far not every university student is able to learn. The same relates to the university teachers that also need to test the functionality and learn how to adjust the solutions offered by universities. 

The shift in education based on online education in universities can be explained by the transition from the guidance of the professors to the processes that are more collaborative and creative on behalf of the students. The primary purpose is to provide constructive knowledge and create a special environment where every learner is approached in a relevant way. 


Christian Duke is a skilled educator and online course creator. When he is not offering his knowledge to universities, he loves to write and share what has been learned. Follow Christian to make your learning fun and find new practical ideas.


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