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How to Become an Internet Research Specialist?


Internet Research is "a practice of careful and diligent search of relevant and reliable online information, especially free information on the World Wide Web."

How to Become a CIRS™ (Certified Internet Research Specialist)?

Becoming an Internet Research Specialist requires specialized training and skill in performing effective and efficient Web searches with an acceptable level of accuracy. A Certified Internet Research Specialist, CIRS™ is considered a Gold Standard Training Program offered by the Association of Internet Research Specialists (AOFIRS) for the high-in-demand Internet-driven knowledge industry. 

Essential Learning Areas for CIRS Certification

To meet today's digital challenges, mainly where the Internet is a primary tool for information procurement, the AOFIRS considers four Essential Learning Areas (ELA) in bestowing CIRS™ credentials.

  1. The Internet Technology – This module answers common questions of what constitutes a Web site? How do Web Applications work on the Internet? And how do a Web Browser and Search Engines work together to deliver Web pages?
  1. Research Methods and Online Research Techniques – This learning module teaches some conventional research methods and standards applied in the Research Industry. Students learn techniques to perform Web searches with advanced search queries and get introduced to essential online research tools to conduct specialized research on the Internet.
  1. Research in Business and Business of Research – Students learn of the information needs of businesses and get familiarized with various research reports used by the management, shareholders, and lenders. This module discusses the essentials for establishing and running a successful business for those looking to run their independent research practice. It covers market opportunities and client engagement documentation.
  1. Internet Law and Ethics - This learning module covers areas of Internet laws that provide legal protections to researchers that use Internet information resources in their work. Students learn About Internet Jurisdiction, Intellectual Property Laws, CyberCrimes, Defamation, Privacy, and E-commerce-related laws. This curriculum discusses the topic of ethical issues attached to human subjects related to online data procurement.

This course is designed to serve as a self-study training guide to help you prepare for the CIRS™ examination. The book is most suitable as a Practical Guide for mastering the art of Online Research by anyone that uses the Internet as a primary tool for information gathering - The subjects covered in this book will help you build complex search queries using practical search methods and tools. See the CIRS Certification Syllabus for additional information.

CIRS™ Qualifying Examinations

A Certified Internet Research Specialist, CIRS™ exam is given online as four separate exam modules. Students attempt exam modules separately for each module, at their own pace and time of choosing. The table below shows the number of questions asked for individual exams and the time to finish.

cirs training course

  • These are Online Exams available to students 24x7 from anywhere the Internet is available.
  • Exam results are available immediately after the student finishes all answers to exam questions.
  • Students need to score 75% points to pass each exam module. Each question carries one point. All answered questions must be correct in full and not partially correct to score a whole point.
  • There are no limitations to the number of attempts on each exam taken online.

Preparing for CIRS™ Qualifying Examinations

Preparing for the CIRS™ requires a commitment of time and a focused study plan for this challenging exam. Based on our instructor's experience teaching the course and feedback from students taking self-study preparation plans,  an average student needs more than 35-40 hours to prepare for the CIRS™ exam. Even this amount of preparation is no guarantee that a student will pass on the first try.

AOFIRS offers two approaches to preparing for CIRS Certification.

  1. A CIRS Self-study plan for students preparing with the AOFIRS approved self-learning training material. (CIRS Training Guide 5th Edition)
  2. An online training class that the AOFIRS conducts with trained instructors.

AOFIRS publishes its official CIRS™ training material, including e-books, reference guides, notes,  PowerPoint presentations, recorded lectures, practice exam questions, and answers.        

What are the Topics Covered in CIRS™ Course?

AOFIRS offers the most comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum today that prepares modern researchers to meet new Internet information use and procurement challenges. An outline of topics in concise format show in the illustrated diagram below.

cirs certification course

Download CIRS™ Certification Syllabus

Who can use CIRS Certification?

The CIRS Certification is used by any one looking to search the Internet for Free Information sources and find valuable online databases that provide reliable and relevant information. The CIRS certified professional include Professional Services Provider (such as, Independent Contractors, Freelance Researcher, Web Researchers, Lawyers, PI's, Financial, Analysts, Writers Etc.), Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Govt and Non-profit Associations. 

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