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Insightpool Launches World's Largest Influencer Search Engine


ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Jan 18, 2017) - Marketers will now have a much easier time identifying influencers, thanks to Insightpool's new Universal Search. Within seconds, brands that have specific campaign targeting needs can quickly find influencers who match their program goals, by searching 600 million profiles using criteria such as interests, geographic location, and brand affinities. Cox Media Group is one of the first clients taking advantage of the new feature in Insightpool's expanding influencer marketing platform.

"Insightpool took the Rare Country Awards to the next level by connecting our readers to the industry's biggest names in country music, helping make it our most successful campaign to date, earning 80 million plus impressions and close to one million votes from fans across the country," said Scott Markle of, part of the Cox Media Group. "Because of our success, we're eager to leverage the new Universal Search. With access to millions of influencers, we'll be able to identify the most relevant influencers to continue to boost our social engagement and reach new audiences."

For brand marketers, finding the right influencers for campaigns used to require a great deal of time and effort -- manually sifting through individual social network profiles, searching for specific topics, and creating Excel spreadsheets of potentially relevant campaign participants.

With Universal Search, brand marketers can search for influencers across 100 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other niche social communities such as Yelp!, Reddit, and Weibo. Additionally, they can view key insights by influencer segment to understand follower size and reach, conversation sentiment, frequency of activity and other characteristics. Marketers not only save significant time in selecting the right influencer, but also gain more detailed information about the influencers most likely to actively engage in their strategic campaigns. This leads to higher performance and conversions.

"This is the largest influencer database on the planet," said Insightpool CEO Devon Wijesinghe. "Other influencer platforms offer fewer than 100,000 at most. The real benefit with Universal Search lies in its pure simplicity -- using a familiar search bar to find the most relevant influencers. It used to take days to identify the right people for a campaign. Now it takes seconds."

This story appeared first in Adweek.

Author: Marketwired


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