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Innovative Marketing Mediums for Small Business


As an entrepreneur or solopreneur, you are well aware of the fact that without a solid marketing framework, the longevity, revenues, and profits of your organization might not stand a chance of ascendancy. As a small business owner, you can have a great team along with great products designed to resolve the present day issues of a market segment, but if you fail to create enough awareness to said segment in relation to your company’s existence, it could lead to the demise of your entrepreneurial venture.

As a result, most of us would agree that having a solid marketing framework for your business is essential. But what marketing mediums are best to utilize to promote your products?

Traditional Mediums Aren’t The Only Mediums

There are many traditional marketing mediums to use to promote your products and they include:

  • Bulk Mail
  • Television Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Billboard Ads
  • Print/Magazine Ads
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Door-To-Door Marketing
  • Referral Marketing/Word Of Mouth

But in addition to these traditional, well-known mediums, are many innovative and alternative mediums that are working for many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs already. Many of these innovative and alternative mediums are lower in cost than some of the above traditional mediums, as well as more impactful, profitable, and productive.

The following  innovative and alternative mediums could prove to be impactful, profitable, and productive for your small business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing visitors and traffic to a website through  various strategies that help the website appear higher in rankings on search engines such as Google. There are a number of marketing strategies that could be used for this, many of which will be covered here in this very article.

Press Releases

Producing many press releases over short periods of time helps to build up backlinks in major search engines like Google and shows others that your company is innovating. There are many great press release services online that you could use, some of which allow you to buy packages to send out hundreds of press releases over a period of time, which helps to not just generate news, but build up links in various search engines as mentioned.

Video Marketing

With video marketing, you would incorporate online videos into your marketing campaigns to promote products and services, or you might establish online vlogs using sites such as YouTube to provide commentary on various topics. Both of these aspects work to improve your visibility. Also using video marketing could help provide better email open rates if you include video in the subject line of your email and link to video content in the body of your email, could allow you to reach a broader internet audience, could increase the effectiveness of your online landing pages, and more. You have the option of creating your own vlog, or marketing through another blog from another content creator, that’s currently catering to your target market segment.

If you’re focusing on SEO, you might want to invest in your own video hosting service like Wistia, but if your goal is to use a social platform to spread the word about your video the Youtube might be your best bet.


A blog is an online journal that’s regularly updated with articles and postings to a hosted website. Some blogs are created for personal entertainment use only, while others are created for commercial reasons such as to promote a product, service, genre, or movement. Blogs are inexpensive to operate, and allow you to accomplish a number of things:

  1. Allows you to connect with your target market segment
  2. Helps establish you as a category authority
  3. Helps drive traffic to your website
  4. Helps build awareness for your products/services
  5. Helps with SEO rankings by showing search engines that you’re operating an active site.

You can even use your blog to generate additional revenue in a number of ways, such as selling affiliate products through the blog, selling your own products directly through the blog, and more. Also you can create revenue indirectly through the blog, such as generating traffic and converting a percentage of said traffic to buyers/clients of products and services that you sell outside of the blog.

You have the option of creating your own blog or marketing through another blog from another content creator that’s currently catering to your target market segment.


A podcast is an online radio show that’s available for download off the web. You could choose to host your own podcast or market through an established podcast of another host. Within the podcast, the host will usually do a live endorsement of a product by recommending it to their audience, so make sure to choose carefully a podcast that  targets the same market segment as your customers. Or, a marketer could create an commercial spot during the commercial section of the podcast to promote their products/services.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising through popular services such as Google AdWords, allows businesses to display ads but only pay for them when people actually click on the ads. A business could use keywords and other aspects to set up their pay-per-click campaigns.


Remarketing incorporates aspects of pay-per-click, but functions a bit differently. Remarketing is where a business will set up an advertisement and if a person clicks on the ad but doesn’t make a particular purchase, the customer will notice that the ad (or a similar ad) seems to follow them around the internet to various websites. The purpose of the marketing strategy is to keep reminding the particular “clicker” about their interest in a product or service, to get them to eventually make a purchase.

Marketing Through Other Website/Social Media Ads

Website and social media ads (such as those on LinkedIn and Facebook) are posted ads to tailored audiences of a particular website or in the case of social media, to particular users of that platform. One can usually get a good breakdown of the website’s audience as well as the social media platform’s users, to make sure that the ads are going out to the target market segment in question.

Here’s more information about marketing your business on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Comment marketing is where you would join as a user on a popular discussion forum or blog site, then merge into the conversation by posting quality and relevant commentary in relation to the topics at hand. After some time has passed with you posted relevant and quality commentary, you can begin to incorporate light promotion of your products and services within some of your tailored responses. Reddit and Quora could be good mediums for this depending on your target audience, you could do this on other popular blogs that your customers might read.

Big Data Marketing

Finally, big data marketing is basically using a variety of available data such as public data and data you’ve collected over time from your market segment, to use such data intelligence to create more targeted and efficient marketing campaigns. The data in this case, would be used to predict customer behavior and allows you to better utilize your marketing dollars in ways that are timely and profitable.

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