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If the iPhone 8 looks this good, Samsung is in trouble


A new day, and a new set of iPhone 8 renders are here to gawk at. This time around it’s not a concept that a designer created based on rumors. Instead, we’re looking at high-quality 3D renders that were created using leaked factory CAD images of the OLED iPhone.

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Famed mobile phone leaker @OnLeaks partnered with tech blog GearIndia to create the following video.

We’re looking at an iPhone 8 concept that bears all the markings we’ve come to expect from Apple’s special edition iPhone. The phone has an almost zero-bezel display design, with glass covering both its front and rear. In the middle, there’s a metal frame supposedly made of stainless steel, curved in an Apple Watch-like fashion.

There’s no home button on the front side, and there are minimal top and bottom bezels, with the top section housing the camera, speaker, front sensors, and the rumored 3D facial recognition camera.

On the back, the vertical dual lens rear camera module is clearly visible, and there’s no fingerprint sensor present.

Overall, the iPhone is almost as big as the iPhone 7, but slightly larger, measuring 144 x 71 x 7.7mm, according to the schematics used for these renders. That also means the phone is slightly thicker than the iPhone 7, but don’t expect the rear camera to lose its unsightly bump.

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Other features that can be observed in this render are the new antenna lines and an elongated power button.

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Source : This article was published BGR News By Chris Smith


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