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iBooks App: The Ultimate Guide


iBooks is two apps in one. It lets you find and buy ebooks and audiobooks in the iBooks Store, and organize, view, and sync them in the iBooks reader. You can customize the reading and listening experience, including paper and ink color, and even collect all your PDF files, all in one place. If you want books that are as simple to get and enjoy as iTunes media or App Store apps, you want iBooks on your iPhone or iPad!

How to download and read iBooks for iPhone and iPad


iBooks turns your iPhone and iPad into the ultimate e-reader. The iBooks Store makes it easy to find and download books, and the iBooks reader lets you peruse, scan, or search at your leisure. All you need to do is know where to look!

  • How to find and download books
  • How to view your books, audiobooks, and PDFs
  • How to read your books
  • How to quickly scan through a book
  • How to bookmark a page
  • How to search for words and passages
  • How to enable Scrolling View
  • How to return to a bookmarked page

How to customize iBooks for iPhone and iPad


iBooks-PDF-iPhone-hero iBooks App: The Ultimate Guide

Unlike a printed book, with Apple's built-in iBooks app for iPhone and iPad, you're not stuck on one paper style, font choice, or text size. You can customize your reading experience however you like and, better still, change it whenever you like!

  • How to change text size
  • How to change page color
  • How to control brightness
  • How to change the font
  • How to change Skip Forward and Skip Back time
  • How to sync Bookmarks and Notes
  • How to sync Collections
  • How to sync online content
  • How to turn off Full Justification
  • How to turn off Auto-hyphenation
  • How to enable Both Margins Advance

How to manage your books in iBooks for iPhone and iPad

ibooks_iphone_6_plus_bookshelf_hero iBooks App: The Ultimate Guide

iBooks is the virtual shelf set that collects together all your ebooks, audiobooks, and PDFs. Anything you've downloaded to your iPhone or iPad from the iBooks Store, and everything you've sent directly to iBooks, will appear on its shelves. So, as your collections grow, the key to quickly finding what you're looking for is keeping your iBooks organized and in order!

  • How to add a new collection to iBooks for iPhone and iPad
  • How to move books to different collections in iBooks for iPhone and iPad
  • How to reorder your Bookshelf in iBooks on iPhone and iPad
  • How to delete books from iBooks iPhone and iPad
  • How to re-download deleted books in iBooks on iPhone and iPad
  • How to enable iBooks sync on iPhone and iPad
  • How to enable iBooks sync on your Mac

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