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For most people, Internet research involves little more than putting a search query into Google and hitting return. But for others, such a basic search just won't cut it. Perhaps you are writing a doctoral dissertation and need to carry out in-depth research on your topic, or maybe you're researching an article for a newspaper. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of tools to help you get the most out of your online research. Have a question? Get an answer from online tech support now!


1. Get your browser ready for research. If you're going to be wading through hundreds of webpages, it's essential that you get organized at the beginning. Some useful Firefox extensions are designed specifically for researchers. Zotero is a free add-on that works something like an advanced bookmarking tool. You can organize links into files, annotate them and share them with other users. Diigo is another free add-on that allows you to annotate individual pages, handy for long documents when you can't remember exactly why you bookmarked a page.

2. Install reference management software on your computer. At the end of a lengthy assignment, you might have more than 100 references, so install a program like Endnote to take the hard work out of keeping your references in order.

Use advanced search engine queries. Google has a whole range of optional search parameters that you can use to refine your results, such as page language, file type and usage rights. Consider using an application like Fefoo which lets you quickly conduct searches across multiple search engines, and has an array of search operators to improve your results.

4. Visit sites that may not be indexed by the search engines, but which host highly specialized data such as the Library of Congress, BioMedCentral, Project Gutenberg and the U.S. Government Manual. See the Resources section for links to more sites like this.

5. Share and exchange your research results using online collaboration applications. Sites like Glasscubes and Colaab are packed with real-time features that make sharing large tracts of information fast and easy. 

Written by: John Phillips



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