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How to use Google Search like a pro


Everybody loves Google. Searching with Google has saved us many troubles in the past and will continue to save us. Whether it’s an assignment or a project, a research or dissertation, or you’re just trying to cheat on some Radio call-in game show, searching with Google has hardly ever let us down. But did you know that Google is a whole lot more than just a search engine?

Calculate anything


Call up Google (on your computer or mobile, it doesn’t matter) and type in your calculation; any at all. The basic arithmetic operations can be applied by using  * + – / for multiplication, addition, subtraction and division respectively. For example type in 5*2+4 in the search box and enter. You get the answer instantly!


Google can also do advanced scientific calculations (you can delete your phone’s calculator app now). Go ahead, try  100*3.14-cos(83) or maybe 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3, see what you get

Translate anything

Google can translate to and from English for a vast range of languages, including Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. For example, if I want to find out what ‘Airplane’ is in French, I just type in Translate ‘Airplane’ to French (with the quotes and not case-sensitive) and I get my answer.


To translate “have you eaten?” to Hausa, just type translate ‘have you eaten’ to Hausa (without the quotes of course).


Google as a Dictionary

We try not to bombard you with heavy words on here but, if you ever came across a word you didn’t know, just type ‘define:’ before the word into Google search and you get a definition instantly. For example to find out the meaning of say, Idiosyncrasy, just type define: idiosyncrasy.


You can now burn you dictionary. It is outdated.

Google as a clock

Do you have a close friend or lover in obodo oyinbo and want to get a sense of when they’ll be awake to talk? With Google, you can see what time it is anywhere in the world, just type “time” and the city or country. For example to know the time in Dubai right now, just type time Dubai in Google search.

Convert Money and Units

By searching “[amount original currency code] in [ new currency code]”, you can find out the official exchange rate between any two currencies. For example, typing 1000 ngn in usd inside the search box will give you 1000 naira’s equivalent in dollars. That simple!


For a full list of currency codes, go here.

You can also convert units – inches to metres, litres to gallons etc… using the same format but replacing ‘in’ with ‘to’. For example typing 20 litres to gallons will give you the exact answer. Make sure you get the spellings right though (and in full).



 Search Within A Specific Site

If you want to find out information from within a particular site (you probably know it’s there but you can’t remember where you last saw it, and you don’t want to have to rummage the site again for endless hours), just put site:[website url] after your search query in Google.

For example to find out all info about Boko Haram published by This Day newspaper site, just typeBoko haram site:thisdayonline.cominside search. You could also, Buhari You didn’t get this idea from me o!

Now that you’ve become a certified pro Google user, don’t be stingy, share with others so that they can be in the know too.





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