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How To Remove Search Box From Windows 10 Taskbar?


Cortona Search box is one of the recent additions Microsoft made to the Windows 10 Taskbar. But the problem with this search box is when you type something in the Cortona search box, the search will be done both on your device and Online which tends to slow down your search results because they have to grab results from the internet(In some cases it’s useful, but mostly it’s waste of time and bandwidth).

The other problem with the Cortona search box is that it consumes a large amount of space on Taskbar which creates a problem for the users who have smaller screen resolutions.

So those of you who want to get rid of the Cortona search box please follow the below instructions to know how to shrink or completely hide the search box from Windows 10  Taskbar.

How to remove the search box from Windows 10 taskbar:

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to completely hide or remove the search box from Windows 10 taskbar.

To completely Hide the Cortona Search box from Taskbar

To hide the search box, right-click on a blank area of the Taskbar, click Search and then change the option from “show search box” to “Hidden“.

After selecting the Hidden option, the Cortona search box will be completely removed from the Taskbar. Below is the image preview of the windows 10 taskbar without the Cortona search box.

To Shrink Cortona Search Box

To shrink the Cortona search box, just right-click on the search box, click Search and then select the Show Search icon.

After selecting the Show search icon option, the search box will be completely replaced by the Cortona search icon as shown in the below image.

So now you may be thinking about how to search? It’s simple, just hit the Windows Key or click Start to bring up the start menu, there you’ll find a search box at the bottom of the start menu just like in Windows 7.

To hide the Task view button

To remove the task view icon from Taskbar, just right-click on the blank area of the taskbar and then deselect the Show Task View option.

Below is the screenshot of the Windows 10 taskbar with the Task View button removed.

If you want to revert any of these changes, just repeat the above steps and select the desired option for how you would like a Search box or Task View to appear in TaskBar.


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