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How to publish an ebook securely?

By  Jessi Rosary

Regardless of whether you're an author, publisher, or end-user, it's possible that you may have experienced or come across some form of piracy. Perhaps you may have received a pirated copy of an ebook on your computer, or you may have fallen victim to online piracy as an author. Unfortunately, piracy is a pretty extensive and prevalent issue. And it's not just ebooks that can be pirated, but a vast section of digital media as well as counterfeit goods. Given to be a cheap or free solution for many customers, the consequences of ebook piracy can be far-reaching and damaging to authors. Hence, as an author or publisher, what can you do to fight the effects of online ebook piracy?

Understanding ebook piracy

Online piracy is when an unauthorized entity or individual duplicates a copy of your original work and either sells it without your permission or distributes it freely without your knowledge. In the world of online theft, there is a difference between plagiarism and online piracy. For instance, if you record your movie using the script from a popular, well-known film. That becomes plagiarism. 

On the other hand, if you copied the original information from a movie (made a duplicate) and distributed it without the knowledge of the movie producer, that becomes piracy.

Ebook piracy is a far more problematic issue than plagiarism, as it can be effortless to replicate ebooks and distribute them freely online. Unfortunately, since ebooks tend to be cheap, easy to download, and convenient to handle, several authors and publishers have fallen victim to online piracy.

Before you publish your ebook, you may want to take the following steps to protect or safeguard the content of your ebooks. For instance, you may want to:

  • Convert your ebook format into PDF and add restrictions before uploading it to the internet to make it more secure.
  • Apply dynamic watermarks on your ebooks to identify users and protect digital content from being passed on.
  • Register your ebook to create a public record of the copyright.
  • Publish an official copyright notice to serve as a deterrent for people with intentions of copying or sharing it unlawfully.
  • Acquire PDF digital rights management software to protect your ebook from sharing, copying, editing, and printing.

Flexible DRM security: the only way to publish your ebook securely

One secure and permanent document security solution that provides you with secure publishing rights is DRM (Digital Rights Management). PDF DRM secures your PDF ebooks over a range of display devices. That means you do not need to support several formats as the PDF format is a well-established and consistent ebook format regardless of your target audience.

With PDF DRM security, you can allow online and offline usage and license your PDF ebooks without expiry dates or set a specific end date that you could revise from time to time. You can also choose to apply DRM controls just once and run the command on all your ebooks that you decide to secure. As a feature-rich system in providing secure publishing of ebooks, PDF DRM offers you controls that support and improve ebook publishing online.

Advantages of PDF DRM in publishing ebooks securely.

Among other ebook formats, PDF is the most highly accepted and popular format for publishing ebooks. Ebook DRM solutions that work with other ebook formats, such as EPUB may not be as effective as PDF DRM due to inadequate key management and implementation. In fact, a simple search online will reveal that there are several applications and services dedicated to removing popular ebook DRM, such as those from Amazon, Google, etc.

The right ebook DRM will allow you to publish your ebook securely by enforcing expiry controls. For instance, you can let potential customers have a look or peek into your book before they choose to purchase. That means a reader can view your ebook several times or for a specified number of days. You can also choose to sell discounted copies for a specific period. In addition, ebook DRM also gives you the ability to revoke access to your ebooks if you notice a chargeback being made.

In addition, the right ebook DRM also prevents screen grabbing and printing. You can control what devices or locations your ebooks can be used from and apply dynamic watermarks to identify users who are viewing your ebooks. An advanced DRM does not apply passwords or codes, making it no longer unwieldy for you to manage or distribute. Instead, keys are transparently and safely transmitted to the authorized device stored in an encrypted manner and locked only to those devices to prevent illegal or unlawful sharing.


If you're looking to protect your ebooks and publish them securely, you need to set proper DRM controls on your ebooks. Digital rights management policies can be highly advantageous to you as it adds an extra layer of control over your ebook content and allows you to better manage your publishing rights with complete control over them.

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