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How to Find Someone On Instagram? 10 Tips for Finding Needed Person Quickly and Easily


Are you looking to find someone on Instagram to reach? If yes, we will let you know some of the best ways you can use to search for someone in a better way. We will try to give you all the methods that you can employ.

Search Bar

Are you looking for an easy solution? You surely get a great one when you are looking to search any Instagram application. And when it is about an application like this one, you can surely try the search bar.

There are several types of results that you can see with this kind of search. For instance, you can see the following types of them:

  • One of the search results that you will see will be “top.”
  • You can find posts based on hashtags you provide in “tags.”
  • Try selecting people/accounts if you are looking for this kind of result.
  • The last one of the search options is “places.” You can use this one if you are looking for places that go with your search.

This one is among the most obvious and easy ways to get results for your search. So, try these out. At the same time, you can use exploring to find the accounts you need. So, try it out for better results for your marketing and finding someone you need. 

Facebook Friends

One of the best ways to search for your friends is to use Facebook contacts. You can use these contacts to find your friends that are available online. Follow these steps to find someone on this platform:

  • Go to your IG profile, tap “settings,” and select “discover people.”
  • Then you should go to the “connect to Facebook” button that would be a blue color one.
  • Go on and press “continue.”
  • From there, you can enter your FB account.
  • You can press “continue” to let Facebook access the account.
  •  Make sure that you wait for a couple of seconds. 
  • The next thing to do is to follow one certain friend or tap “follow all.”

Try Phone Contacts 

Another way to get people you are looking to follow is to try phone contacts for the search. In this way, you can use phone numbers to search for people you want to reach. For this purpose:

  • Go to your IG profile and tap “settings.”
  • Then you can go to the “contacts” option.
  • The next thing to do would be to press “connect contacts.”
  • You can tap “allow” if you are asked to allow access to phone contacts.
  • Then you can select the account that you would like to follow, or you can follow all of your contacts.

This method can allow you to get information and follow your contacts.

WhatsApp Contacts 

WhatsApp is another application by the same company Meta. So, you can use this one to get results for the friends you are looking to connect with. To do so:

  • Enter your IG profile, tap the three-line button called hamburger menu, and select “follow and invite friends.”
  • From there, you can tap “follow contacts.”
  • There you can tap “allow.”
  • Then, wait for some seconds till your list has been compiled.
  • The last step would be to tap “follow all” or follow the contents you are looking for.


Another way that you can use to discover someone is by email. You can try doing that with your Facebook account. For this purpose, you can enter their email on Facebook, and once you have them there, you can try adding them on Instagram.

At the same time, you can try using different engines to get information about people.

Friends’ Following 

You can try to find someone in your friends’ following. This method allows you to get to know people effortlessly. When you try to add them, you should make sure they are willing to be your friends. If not, you may be spamming them, which may not be appropriate.

Try Google Out

Google is one of the most important ways that you should try to find people. You can try it to find people with their names, phone, URL, and usernames.

Finding Influencers 

Many people try to search for influencers that you do by using certain types of tools. You can try using these for people who have more than one thousand social followings like Increased Instagram Followers.

Try with Pictures 

The use of Instagram auto likes can help you have better results for marketing if you are looking for growth. For better results, you can try seeing pictures of the people you want to search for.

This one is a bit hectic and may not be a successful one. To try this method, you should search for a certain query and then see the pictures of the profiles and find the person you were looking for.

Asking A Friend 

One of the most obvious ways to go is to get information about a person by asking a friend. This one is a manual way that you can use for any person you are looking to find or tag on Instagram post maker

Ask your friends if they can give you the information about your desired person. When you have their usernames, you can go on and follow them. If you are using this way, you can ask your friends about the nickname that person may be using on their Instagram. 

Once you have the desired information, you can try using messages, emails, SMS, or other messaging services. This method is easy and can help you have better results without spending too much time.

Final Thoughts 

We talked about some of the top methods that you should use to find someone on Instagram. These methods can help you have better results whenever you look for a person online.

You can try using WhatsApp, contact lists, Facebook, and phone numbers. At the same time, you can try finding their pictures, asking a friend, and trying your friends’ following.

Make sure you try using Google and Instagram search bars as well. These methods can help you find any person who is there on Instagram. So, if you are looking for someone there, try these methods out, and you can find anyone online.


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