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How To Find Scholarly Articles Online

By  Eva

Being assigned to any research project is a stressful and responsible situation. One of the assurances of successful research is relevant and checked data that cover all aspects of the problematics. The Internet has widened the abilities of modern students, making it easier to source relevant data.

However, some kinds of resources are still not easy to find. In our post, you will learn the most effective ways to find scholarly articles online. After reading our article, we hope your research will become more fruitful and effective.

Why search for scholarly articles?

Students often get assigned research papers and projects that require them to provide research and collect up-to-date information from trusted sources. Many different resources fit specific projects, and the main task for one working on research is finding and evaluating information properly. One reason so many students reach for help and turn to a reliable research paper writing service is the inability to collect valid data and find relevant sources.

Scholarly articles are among the best options for effectively sourcing information because they are most trustworthy and complete. Students can use scholarly articles as ultimate resources for any type of project in any college discipline. Before you read about the tips for finding scholarly articles online, please, note that the quality of used material is crucial. Be attentive and use only checked online resources.

University Online Library

A university library is a fundamental source for finding scholarly articles online. One does not have to limit the search only to a local database as many universities allow accessing their online libraries to the public. Hence, even if you are not a student of a particular educational establishment, you can use its database for free. Students often search for colleges and universities nearby to be able to access their offline libraries as well.

Websites of Academics

Leading scientific figures have a remarkable impact on the industry in any discipline. Search for the names of individual scientists and academics who played a significant role in the research area. Make a list of names, and then look for their websites or blogs. Search for copies of articles that relate to your subject in any possible way. Note that many scientists create an archive of their publications and provide alphabetical lists to ease sourcing. Many websites enable downloading articles directly to your gadget.

Google Scholar

Try using one of the best accessible sources to get scholarly articles online – Google Scholar. By getting to a page with a database, you can apply personalized search details and widen your possibilities of sourcing. Google Scholar allows students to find various resources on any discipline, including dissertations, theses, scientific journals, abstracts, and more. You will get a list of citations from relevant sources by entering the necessary details on your search request. Note that Google scholar does not provide the list of resources in chronological order, so one must manually check the dates and actuality of the information. Most articles are free to download on your device.

Government Resources

National official government pages are excellent sources because they provide checked and reliable information. Legislative websites, parliamentary pages, etc., are perfect resources for law students and not only for them. The phone can find the newest updates on governmental decisions, petitions, policies, laws, and other documents. In addition, you can often find scholarly articles and abstracts of them on government resources. Check the official pages of various committees to source documents that relate to the legislation process and analysis of existing laws.

Discipline Search Engines

There are specific search engines that relate to concrete areas of study. To source information for a needed discipline, you must find specialized search engines that help dig deeper into the concrete industry. A search engine that focuses only on politics or psychology is much more effective and helps find rare information. Some discipline-specific engines are partly free and let a user read abstracts of scholarly articles. To get a complete text, one usually must subscribe and pay for a specific material. If you are unsure where to find discipline-oriented search engines, ask your teacher to recommend some particular databases.

International Organizations

In addition to sourcing data from the websites and databases of government organizations, you also need to consider non-governmental portals and international authorities. For example, many students find scholarly articles on such portals as the UN website as it provides many actual and checked data. Moreover, some departments of the United Nations proceed with scholarly research and publish articles with availability for free download.

Electronic Databases

In addition to discipline-focused databases that allow searching for profile information, one can source actual data in available electronic databases. A standard informational portal will enable students to get various scholarly publications, journals, articles, abstracts, etc. Most public databases require users to create a personal account and provide the registration procedure. Some databases offer partial materials for free, and some require payments to access the information you need.

The Directory Of The Open Access Journals

Many scholarly articles can be found on the DOAJ – the Directory Of The Open Access Journals. This online database contains many disciplines, including history, psychology, politics, philosophy, and more. If you need to get actual scholarly articles free, then DOAJ will be a perfect choice.

Wrap up

Finding actual and relevant data for research is crucial for any project. Scholarly articles are examples of perfect resources because they contain results of investigation and evaluation of specific problematics of subjects in many disciplines studied in colleges and universities. There are many ways to find scholarly articles online. One can start from university online libraries. Websites of academics often contain lists of articles in alphabetical order, which eases searching. Use Google Scholar to get articles on many disciplines for free. Consider government resources as well as portals of non-governmental organizations and international authorities. Note that there are specific discipline-focused search engines that are great tools for sourcing. Electronic databases allow finding general information on the chosen subject. We wish you luck with your research!


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