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How to Download Free Games to Android?


I must admit the main reason for me to purchase my first Android phone was to use things for free. When you have a good phone in hand, you can get a plenty of useful things for no price: you can download life log apps, calculators, dictionaries and even more. And, of course, games, which can be very handy sometimes.

In this article I would like to show you how to download games for free on your device. It is dead easy, of course, but there are a plenty of good tricks to know.

Get an app store

An app store Android app is simply an internet store where you can download an purchase applications from the Internet. This makes it very easy to find free stuff very quickly. If you do not have an app store on your gadget, you can easily download one from the Internet. I would recommend Google Play, which is installed on most of the Android devices in circulation in US and Europe. This is the most popular and most used application you can have, but I can imagine cases when it does not work.

In some very very complicated cases Google Play is not an option. There are some clumsily rooted devices which might not be able to run this application anymore, so you will have to look for alternatives.

The installation shall be quick and easy. The only problem which may occur is that your device might be set not to run application from “foreign” or “insecure” Android apps, or application from “unknown sources”. If it is so, a wizard will certainly guide you through the way of changing these settings, and the program will run without any problems.

Note: If your phone does not have Google Play you are not able to change your settings or download any app stores, check your device carefully. It might have already been mounted, is an anciently old one, or even a cheap, faked device.


Search for free games

With having an app store, it should be super easy to download free games to your Android device. Most app stores have a good search engine with the help of which you can search and filter apps. Your only task is to select free applications and click on the download button.

Good to know

You can often download applications directly from the webpages of their creators (.apk files). However, it is highly recommended to use and app store for finding the applications which suit you. App stores, especially the big ones, like Google Play select their palette of programs very carefully. If you use them, you can avoid viruses, compatibility issues, or products which do not fulfill the minimum criteria of a good app. Besides, you often can read reviews, customer opinions and other useful information about the software.

Keep in mind

Free applications are usually free because their finances are based in alternative sources, such as advertisement. If you download a free app, be aware that your game might be interrupted by pop-ups. It is a good idea to use these apps in an offline mode, if possible. Otherwise, advertisements might cause you high cost due to intense web traffic.

Free applications are, very often, basic of demo versions of the “mother” application, which especially in the case of games might be very annoying. You might not be able to finish your game or try out different features. Keep this in mind when you plan to surprise your kid with a free game. It might be extremely disappointing to have something he or she cannot finish.

Before you download a free game, please make sure that it is really free. Some of the free applications are basic versions of the full one. They contain several in-app purchases, with the help of which you can download pro and extra features. Before you give the phone to a small kid, please make sure that you disabled all playing methods and the child cannot purchase something by accident.  The best solution is to put your device offline if it is possible.

All in all, downloading free games to an Android device is not a big deal, but there are certain things on which you shall pay attention. The best way to avoid disturbances is to use games in an offline mode, or try on a device without a SIM card, in order to avoid accidental purchases. With the help of an app store, such as Google Play, you can certainly avoid most of the dangers, like viruses or malware, plus, you get a selection of good options to download.

Source: androidapps.com


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