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How New Versions of These 5 Amazing Apps Stand Out?


Just check out these amazing apps, which are more than useful, as you perceive them, and they are readily available at the Google play Store. These Apps are the actual beating heart of any of the Android handset. As per the recent survey analysis, the Play Store from Google is the home of millions of them and beneficial for the users providing many of the additional features of the handset. With almost 1 million applications accessible, it is a modest conjecture that the Google Play store is overloaded with a number that is hard to believe having variety, ranging from appalling clayware to authentically humorous to useful games and apps.

Besides these apps and games’ usefulness, some of them are an almost compulsory item for your Android smartphone because of their usability and functionality in the handset. The additional feature is their cost-free, availability because they even do not cost any penny despite being most useful. In this article, we will give a bunch of the best possible Android apps which are totally free at the play store.

1. DropBox

Moreover, Google Drive, this user-friendly app DropBox is the next efficient free of charge backup service provider. With easy file sharing features and the automatic backups, DropBox is an outstanding solution for all those users who wish to save their data on the device storage and thus share the interactive content with their friend’s community. However, the users might get themselves rapidly run out of their memorable photo and other video space; they can unlock more space by installing this unique app of DropBox on the device.

2. Accuweather

There are certain weather apps readily available at the app stores, but Accuweather is the most recommended one among others. One of the reliable sites (e.g. Wikipedia) tells us that the founder company launched back in 1962. However, in the end, Accuweather is tricky to have a look past for precise, thorough forecasts on a comprehensive scale.

3. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is the best, keyboard app available at the Android play store. As most likely, the best-used app on any smartphone handset, the keyboard anyone selects is a very not public decision. However, for the Android users, SwiftKey, which was a paid app in the past, make available the best combination of speed, usability, and other additional emoji features. It is extremely customizable and thus it rapidly observes the user’s inscription behavior create automatic predictions.

Besides this, if anyone uses a variety of languages in routine and somebody who likes to send text in multiple styles and languages, then SwiftKey’s prophecy and auto correction ability are chic enough to be familiar with what language the person or the user is trying to form in. It means that there is no requirement to change keyboards just to send a text to any of your foreign friends in their home language.

4. Evernote

The amazing Evernote app developers indeed recognize that notes taking should be a process which is rapid and easy, but they even also comprehend that the Android smartphones actually at hand with an opportunity, which is straightforward and ready to post-it notes. So, this particular notes taking Evernote lets the user generate a written form of notes, besides it has also roped voice memos, and let the users share files with their community, and gives the possible access to reminders from other devices which are in nearby use.

5. PushBullet

PushBullet added to the list of those apps on the android online play store that people are cynical about because of the features or sometimes the misleading conceptions until they begin using it. This unique Android app synchronizes all the available data and the content between the user’s smartphone and the desktop computer in an efficient way, which makes the data transfer possible.

The user must install it on the Android smartphone and as a web browser added-on. After the installation and add-on process, one can easily sight and even share SMS, transcript, messages, web links, images and photos, clips and videos, other files, and much more between the devices and even between the friend’s community. The main point behind this user app is to make the sharing of content easier for the users.

All of the updates of these amazing apps are available at free download apps store. And any of the Android users can download the original version as well as the updates which will enhance the amazement of using these apps on the handset.

Source : http://www.lifehack.org/

Auhtor : Charles Crawford


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