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How Do You Create Brand Visibility if Your Site Doesn’t Rank Well in Google?


In an earlier post, we talked about using TechTarget’s search power to jump the organic search turnstile instead of pounding away at the same steep and expensive marketing goals year after year. Now, let’s look, in more detail, at why it makes sense to augment your paid search campaigns with an approach to organic brand ownership that maximizes your ability to reach tech buyers.

Whether you’re using Google AdWords or Bing Ads, your goal is to be the first to engage and influence tech buyers searching on relevant  keywords. Paid search is one way to address this goal, but you’re severely limiting the pool of buyers you can reach. Research shows that only 10% of researchers click on PPC ads. The other 90% of IT decision-makers choose organic content results to continue their research.  This is where TechTarget dominates the rankings for targeted keywords.

What’s a marketer to do? By going with a more robust, developed strategy, a “complete brand search strategy,” you will complement your marketing efforts with TechTarget’s search power. You can engage more of those elusive tech buyers with your brand, both in paid and organic search sectors.

A complete brand search strategy: Using partnerships to dominate organic search

By partnering with a firm that already owns over 750,000 top ranking content items in Google, you’re expanding your online brand visibility without sinking an enormous amount of time and resources into elevating your presence in search rankings. That’s where TechTarget’s Keyword Takeover products fit into your marketing puzzle. They allow you to piggyback on TechTarget’s top Google rankings to directly engage tech buyers that you otherwise might not be able to access.

Keyword Takeovers deliver 100% share of voice on top ranking content in your market to help you:

  • Get first access to engage and influence tech buyers while they are researching solutions. You’re maximizing visibility with the 90% of IT-decision makers clicking organic search results without pouring resources into gaining those rankings.
  • Get in front of engaged viewers. These are people who are showing purchase intent and know what they want. They have already started researching solutions relevant to your targeted keywords. They are primed and ready to engage with a tech seller.
  • Edge out the competition. With Keyword Takeovers, you’re building a competitor-free zone where you own all brand messaging within topically relevant pages. You’re getting exclusive top billing at the moment when tech buyers are making purchase decisions.

Don’t stop doing paid search – but add specific organic search tactics

brand search strategy organicTo be clear, taking advantage of TechTarget’s search dominance, targeted share-of-voice products, and other collaborative organic marketing efforts doesn’t mean scrapping your paid search department. A complete brand search strategy is not “either/or” – it’s “and/and”.

Essential Guides are another way to expand your brand footprint with expert content that tech buyers covet. They are curated resources based on “best-of” content – expert material from the 70,000+ content pieces that TechTarget produces every year. These tools guide potential buyers through their decision making process, and by owning 100% of brand placements in these guides, you’re driving mindshare at a critical juncture. You will intercept buyers with focused visibility and influence while they are seeking solutions in your market.

In addition, Essential Guides deliver account information on which companies you are engaging. Performance reports provide an account list showing who has seen your brand giving you added insight to drive lead generation efforts.

TechTarget also offers Road Blocks – another key service to maximize your brand visibility at important times like product launches, or marketing blitzes. Own 100% share of voice on high-impact ad units anytime that you need to “intercept and influence” tech buyers with a focused brand message.

Leverage TechTarget Share of Voice products to expand influence with tech buyers researching solutions

TechTarget’s search power opens the door for companies that want to have a complete brand search strategy. By limiting your marketing campaign to the same old choices, you’re missing out on over 90% of tech buyers researching solutions. With TechTarget’s Share of Voice suite of products, you have the opportunity to jump to the top of Google’s rankings, reach a massive, targeted tech audience and open the floodgates for a new kind of buyer engagement. Check out what you can accomplish.

Author : Adam Davis

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