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Here is How You Can Use WhatsApp as a Search Engine

While the app is used mostly for its basic function, i.e. messaging, you can actually engage search queries right from the app.

It's all about tricks and smartness. If you know the right tricks, you can substitute Google with WhatsApp as a search engine. Yes, you read right. This feature of WhatsApp is still unknown to many. This IM platform is loaded with secret features, you might have never heard of.

In this article, we have brought you a smart trick that will transform WhatsApp into a full-fledged search engine. All you need to do is to activate a bot. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1. Add a New Contact

Step 1. Add a New Contact

To start the WhatsApp Bot services in your smartphone, first, you need to create a contact named Search Engine. And the phone number of the contact would be '8015984514'.

Step 2. Create A New Group


Step 2. Create A New Group

Now after you launch WhatsApp, go to settings (the three dots located in the upper right corner)> tap on 'New Group'>Name it 'Search Engine'.

Step 3. Add the Contact You Have Created

Step 3. Add the Contact You Have Created

Once the group 'Search Engine' has been created, it will ask you to add group 'Participants'. Simply add the newly created contact "Search Engine" there.

Step 4. Start Using Now!

Step 4. Start Using Now!

Once the group has been created, your WhatsApp Search Engine is ready to use. You will receive an automatic message which will share you some tips on how to use the new search engine.

-> Here Are the Codes for Searching

1. To get Wikipedia information, type Wiki

2. To join the English news channel, type <+NEWS> and to unsubscribe anytime, send <-NEWS>

3. You can know the meaning of a word by sending <+DICT WORD> to the group.

4. You can join any Football or Cricket channel by sending <+CRICKET> or <+FOOTBALL> to the group.

5. To play GK quiz, simply send <+GK>

Source : izbot.com


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