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Here’s How Google’s New Analytics Tool Will Make Your Life Easier


The recent Google Performance Summit inspired with smart new features coming in both Google Analytics and AdWords. Once again, Google makes the life of marketers and analysts easier by taking over mundane everyday tasks, leaving more time for us to soak into user and performance data.

The key message was that “mobile first” is not simply coming, it’s already here! If your product, marketing and data team is not ready for it, you might be too late to catch up. Now, the right question to ask now is how to invest in mobile and not if you should invest in mobile. Rethinking your marketing, ads, site and product so that it is more useful for mobile, is how you begin.

Partnering with Google for your ads and analytics is smart because they reach 90% of the internet population. Google is also able to track online behavior that results in offline purchase. It is all because of your phone. Your devices are connected. So if you’re online looking for the best pizza places for lunch in your area, view three of them and eat lunch in one of them, this is all trackable!

In terms of ads, Google’s cool new features include longer titles for text ads (almost twice the current limit). Titles turned out to be very useful for allowing mobile users to decide to click or not to click. For display ads, the ad is split in several parts: image, URL, headline and text.

Google puts it together for you, automatically optimizing the ad for the different devices. Google is allowing you to bid separately for mobile traffic, tablet traffic and laptop traffic. The best feature of them all is the reach to similar audiences. For example, if you know that 35-year-old women wearing, shoe size seven and watching the TV show, Silicon Valley, convert 10% better than the rest of your clients, your can now target them through ads. (Prepare for a higher targeted price, though).

In terms of Google Analytics the biggest news is the Google Data Studio, which is a tremendous help in report-building — actually I am cutting this post short as I my hands are itching to try it out and share my opinion on it, of course.

Other nice new features include the intelligent voice search option in Google Analytics (premium) accounts, where you can simply ask: “Hey Google, which are my best converting channels in May?” The reports appear in front of you. The seamless integration between all Google tools, plus the improved collaboration and share options, are the way to go!

Hopefully all these new features will help users not only collect more data, but also make use of it, analyze it and make intelligent business decisions based on those findings. To watch the recording of the #GoogleSummit, click here. 

Source:  https://medium.com/power-to-fly/marketers-heres-how-google-s-new-analytics-tool-will-make-your-life-easier-6d126483f22a#.pxwgoid1p



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