Wednesday, 23 November 2016 13:56

Here Are the Most Popular Thanks giving Searches (Watch)


If you’re hosting or attending a Thanksgiving dinner this year, there’s a good chance you’ve used Google to help with the planning. And for businesses, all of those searches can lead to some really helpful insights.

The search engine giant just released a search trends report that shows some of the most popular search terms around Thanksgiving. Not surprisingly, the most popular searches revolve around how to  cook turkey. And people also searched for other alternative recipes, like prime rib, green  beancasserole and pumpkin pie.

But there are also other trends that could be particularly useful to specific types of local businesses. For instance, people tend to search for nearby liquor stores at the last minute. And in certain states, people will also wait until a few days before Thanksgiving to search for nearby meat counters.

Why You Should Know What’s Trending on Google

For businesses, it’s important to  stay in topof what’s trending on Google and understand what they mean for customers. Search engines like Google are prominent with customers looking for specific items or pieces of information. So if you’re able to anticipate what your customers want and cater your website and other online content to it, you can potentially increase your chances of more customers finding your business.

Author:  Annie Pilon



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