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By is an online search engine designed specifically to find online coding courses and tutorials in virtually any programming language that exists.

While you can use any search engine out there to find plenty of programming courses and tutorials, or use YouTube or other video hosting sites for that, a great list of courses and tutorials may be more to your liking.

That's what offers basically. The front page lists some of the languages and topics that it supports.

You may dive right in, by clicking on Android development, C++, or Java for instance, or use the search instead to find topics of interest. coding courses search

A click on a topic lists all programming courses and tutorials with matching tags. The listing is sorted by user votes, with the tutorials with the most votes at the top.

Each result is listed with its name, type, cost, domain it is hosted on, and user comments if available.

programming courses

A click loads the selected tutorial or course in a new tab in the web browser. The number of results depends largely on the topic.

The WordPress listing lists two items only for instance, while the Angular listing dozens.

Anyone with an account may submit tutorials or courses. The developers of the site hope that the community will reward better tutorials by upvoting them.

There is a danger obviously for abuse of the system, especially in the current state where votes are below the 50 mark. If the site manages to get popular, it may sort itself out though.

All community features, voting, submitting, and commenting, require a free account.

The site has two main issues right now. First, that the number of tutorials is rather low. WordPress is a dominant CMS and blogging platform, but only two items are listed in the category.

The second issue is how the site's search works. You'd expect it to find items based on what you enter, but that is not the case. If you type something, only topics are searched and returned. A search for Android reveals only the Android Development category, and not the actual tutorials or courses.

This is probably the bigger issue right now, as it means that you have to browse the category listing if you are looking for a course on a particular topic.

It is probably easier and faster to use a search engine like Startpage, or a site like YouTube for that directly instead.

Closing Words needs to address the two issues to become a useful service. Right now, it is held back by the low number of courses and tutorials that it links to, and how the site's search works.

Author : Martin Brinkmann

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