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Google tackles the internet’s final frontier


The company is going where no internet search engine has gone before — Offline.

They’ve been beefing up the offline abilities of Maps, Docs, Chrome, YouTube, and most recently, Search, so that users can still watch bad lip-dub videos, even when they’re off the grid.

But, it’s not just for remote camping trips…

It’s for developing nations. Nearly 1B users are surfing the web across India, Brazil, and Indonesia, where there’s no guarantee of an internet connection when not browsing from a traditional desktop connection.

And even when connected to a network, slow wireless speeds and strict data limits make streaming videos difficult.

This means things like Maps allowing you to download city maps to your phone, while Chrome has a Data Saver mode (saves up to 60% of mobile data while browsing) and allows you to save web pages ahead of time.

And now they’re going after the big kahuna: Search

As of last month, Google searches that can’t go through due to spotty connections will be put on a waiting list, so results populate and saveas soon as you’re back in-network (sorry Apple people, Android users only).

Because, as Shekhar Sharad, the product manager at Google Search says, regardless of the location, “Search should never fail.” But, unlike Maps, online searches present a unique challenge in that they’re always changing, and, in turn, are much trickier to predict.

(Fun fact: 15% of the queries Google sees on a daily basis have never been searched before)

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