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The Ultimate Google Search Operator Cheat Sheet 2022


Google search is probably the most well-known and popular search engine on the internet. With its simple design and easy-to-use features, it’s no wonder that it has become the go-to site for countless internet users in their daily search for information and entertainment. Of course, numerous powerful Google search operators in 2022 can be used to refine your search and find exactly what you need with less effort. Here are some of the best tips and tricks from the Google Search Cheat Sheet to help you get exactly what you want from Google whenever you need it!

These specific Google search tips, operators, and commands will help you narrow down your search results and always get the results you want.

The Google Search Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Informational Search Queries



define Return a definition of the given term. define dynasty
time Returns the current time at a particular location. time in California
to Convert measurements from one unit to another. 1 cup to tbspLiter to milliliter
in Convert measurements from one unit to another. 1000USD in GBP
translate Translates the queried terms into another specified language. Translate hello world german
map Returns map result. Map new york
Cache Returns the most up-to-date cache of an indexed web page
site Limit the results to those from a single website.
stocks Return stock information stocks sbux
ext Based on extension  
weather Returns the weather forecast for the given location or ZIP code. Weather 90210
movie: The movie function is useful for avoiding movie theatre delays. Movie:Finding Harry Potter

Informational Search Queries




Excludes search results that include this term.

operating system -windows


Returns search results that match terms on either side of the pipe. The same as writing "OR" between search terms.

computer | laptop


Returns search results that match a particular social media site.



Returns search results that include a specific hashtag.



Returns search results that include all terms within quotes in the exact given order.

“Internet research specialist”


Limits a search to a particular domain (.gov, .org, etc.)

consumer help site:gov


To find pages that have either word in your search.  The OR must be capitalized!

olympics location 2014 OR 2018 ]   (finds the location for either 2014 or 2018


# represents a number in this instance. Use to find numbers in a series.


If you include * within a query, it tells Google to try to treat the star as a placeholder for any unknown term(s) and then find the best matches, up to 5 terms in length.

Best * in America


When placed between two numbers, it returns search results that match within the number range.

Chromebook $200..$500


Used to group search terms and control the search logic of the query. 

(best | worst) office suite


Return prices.

Mac $1000

Allows for the search of Euro



Prefix - Include synonyms (potentially defunct)

Clean~ washed


Prefix - Force exact match on single phrase

google+ search trends


Return results in a specified range (requires julian dates)

( start, end , format, timezone )


Find those pages that link to the target domain


Returns results for a specific location

loc:California hotel


As above but with Google news

location:California hotel

Other Search Operators




Returns pages that are linked to using anchor text matching the search query.

Restaurants Portland inanchor:kid-friendly

(Search for pages on Portland restaurants for which links to the page say they are "kid friendly.")


Same as inanchor, but matching every term that appears after allinanchor.

allinanchor:"internet research training"


Returns only search results that match the page's body.

intext:"professional researcher"


Same as intext, but matching every term that appears after allintext.

allintext:internet research training 


Finds pages with keywords in their post titles

inposttile:researching blogs


Returns only search results that match in the page's title.

California tax tax-filing intitle:help


Same as intitle, but matching every term that appears after allintitle.

allintitle: internet research specialist


Returns only search results that match the page's URL.

inurl:internet research training


Same as inurl, but matches every term that appears after allinurl.

allinurl:internet research training


Find domain-specific blog URLs. This was used for Google blog searches, but it also works for regular searches.

inblogtitle: dog grooming 101

(schedule would show search results that include blog posts with this title)


Search for business files and folders

peace source:ha_aretz

(Show articles on peace from the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz.)

 Site:, filetype:, and so are the most useful shortcuts, although knowing all of these operators and commands is a good idea.

Download Google Search Operator Cheat Sheet Pdf

This google search operators cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF. Download The Google Search Shortcuts Cheat Sheet and get access to all google search operators.

Discovering New Google Search Resources

Advanced use of Search operators, such as google boolean search cheat sheets and location-based queries, can help users find pages more quickly and efficiently than ever before with any other search engine. Once you know how to use them, you can make good use of all of these advanced features. If you want to learn about the Advanced use of Google Search Operators, find this Web Search Methods & Techniques Book or CIRS Certification Course.

Summing up

This google search cheat sheet 2022 is a huge help for anyone involved in internet research. You can research the exact knowledge of directories, certifications, internet research papers, forums, reading libraries, search engine lists, and more by filtering the results. 

Getting more from these operators takes practice, and a little bit of creativity will give you a significant advantage over your competitor.


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