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Google Search Console’s top 5 Key Features

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Google Search Console can offer insights and facilitate actions that will assist in generating more organic traffic from web searches, whether you are an experienced SEO expert or a relative newbie to the field. Here are the top five Google Search Console features in this post along with recommendations on how to employ them.

  1. HTML Enhancement Tool- There are always a few aspects of a website that may be enhanced from the perspective of a Google search engine, regardless of how careful the developer is. The HTML enhancement tool a Google search console identifies the problems with the site and guides how to solve issues.

  2. Data Underlining- The data highlighter is a highly useable and accessible tool that enables users to add procedural code which informs Google what the information is and how it ought to be regarded on the webpage. If the website already has proper material that has been organized by skilled coders, then perhaps this tool won’t be quite as beneficial. 

  3. Sitemaps- The site will be indexed more quickly if users upload the sitemap, which could also help to build crucial web traffic traction as users launch a new site. The website should contain a sitemap that is maintained in real-time, or if manual maintenance is required, at minimum once a week.

  4. Remove URLs- Users can temporarily remove specific Links from Google search results using the Remove URLs tool. It can be especially useful for eliminating viral content that is still shown prominently for different criteria yet is no longer applicable or for eliminating popular content that is distorting Google’s view of the site in the ashtray.

  5. Report on Search Analytics- The Search Analytics reports in Google Search Console offer a thorough spectrum of crucial insights regarding the Search engine performance of the website. To learn how Google perceives the website, must check out the Search Data collected in Google Search Console. This report will assist the user in keeping a tab on and maintaining the site’s visibility upon that search results page, irrespective if a user desires to know which keywords users use to access a page on the website or which webpages attract the most traffic.

 [Source: This article was published in By IndustryTrends - Uploaded by the Association Member: Barbara larson]


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