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Google's search results now show more context about the website they come from

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It's estimated that Google processes an average of 8.5 billion search queries per day. People flock to Google Search for looking up absolutely anything, from small, everyday topics to larger, more complicated research. And the company is constantly polishing up its main product with a special emphasis on adding as much context to search results as possible — especially in today's day and age, where misinformation and site spoofing can rule the day. To that end, the company has made a small yet significant change to how it shows search results on your smartphone.

Google announced the change on both its main blog and its Search Central blog. If you look up something on your phone, all search results will show the website's name prominently above the hyperlinked result title. It'll show both the name of the website that's associated with that result and the logo of that site, so you're able to identify a source better at a glance instead of having to squint your eyes at the URL.

Screenshot 1These changes have been live for a few weeks for some folks (including myself), but Google's announcement should mean that it will begin rolling out to everyone. This change will apply to standard search results as well as sponsored ones. For the latter, the word "Sponsored" will also be shown prominently.

The way search results were shown before this change was identical to how they currently look on the desktop. For some results, the website where a search result comes from isn't immediately clear to everyone. With this change, you're able to know more clearly what website you're visiting. It's more helpful for sponsored content, really, since it helps people identify ads and where they come from more clearly.

This change is rolling out to users now, but if you don't have it yet, make sure your Google app is fully updated. If it is, you might need to just wait it out. You can leave feedback on this feature by following these steps.

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