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This rise in brand value meant Google overtook Apple – which saw its brand value fall 8% to $228m – while Microsoft remained in the third slot.

Other additions to the top 10 were Facebook in fifth position ( up 44% to $103bn ) and Amazon in seventh ( up 59% to $100m ).

Overall the telecoms sector was the strongest performer in the 2016 UK ranking, with Vodafone and BT taking first and third places respectively.

Vodafone held onto its top ranking despite brand value dropping 4% ( $37m ) while BT’s rose 3% ( $19m ). HSBC remained in second place with a value of $20m, a 16% fall on the previous year.

The BrandZ ranking shows it has been another challenging year for the UK, as the total value of its Top 10 brands dropped to $137bn, down 8% from 2015. This compares with an increase of 5% in mainland Europe.

North America’s 10% growth was significantly less than its 19.1% increase last year, suggesting the influence of the economic slowdown in China, along with global financial issues and uncertainty cannot be under-estimated.

Peter Walshe, global BrandZ director at Millward Brown, said: “It’s clear from the BrandZ rankings that innovation, whether that is delivering something new or disrupting an existing market, plays a critical role in a brand’s success, both in the UK and around the world.

“More than that, it is also about consumer perception so it is essential that they shout about their achievements and then deliver on their promises. This is ably demonstrated by the notable success stories of brands such as Vodafone, BT, Dove and Lipton, which are thriving despite the impact that the current global outlook is having on the UK.”



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