Wednesday, 17 May 2017 00:45

Google Makes Changes To Quality Score Reporting


Marketers have now gained a way to report on their campaigns' historical quality score in Google AdWords.

Google has made it possible for marketers to assess keywords, ads and landing pages by evaluating the parts that make up the score such as expected click-through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience.

Starting this week, the company is rolling out several improvements to Quality Score reporting that make it easier for marketers to get more visibility into these scores by adding several new columns of data.

Four of the seven new columns include historical data such as Qual. Score (hist.), Landing page exper. (hist.), Ad relevance (hist.), and Exp. CTR (hist.). These show the last known score in the selected range dating back to January 2016. Other columns include Quality Score, Landing Page Exper., Ad Relevance, and Exp. CTR.

Google notes that the reporting will not register a score if there is not enough impression and click data to report, and when marketers apply the "Day" segment to Keyword reports the columns will show daily values that reflect the end-of-day scores.

Google suggests using Quality Scores to guide optimization by diagnosing keywords, taking into consideration the device being used by the consumer, relevance of the advertisement or message, and performance on keywords.

Source: This article was published By Laurie Sullivan


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