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Google Launches AI Powered Search Engine Google for Jobs


Google’s artificial intelligence capabilities which are very potent will help people search for suitable careers that pay well.

Although technological know-how can land one a decent job, for those with a different set of interests and skills, it is a very difficult task. They search the job ads and often end up with zilch career openings.

Entry into the lower echelons of an organization is especially an almost impossible proposal. According to Engadget, sites like Craigslist downsized some of the classified domains that listed good job openings.

So Google has decided to do something about this conundrum. In synch with LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Facebook, Google will be launching a novel job search engine. This will be titled “Google for Jobs”.

It will be AI-powered and will mix the power of Google search, machine learning, job boards, staffing firms and applicant tracking setups to aid you in finding a job in your region.

Candidates may even alert others regarding their search for a job. What this means is that even if you do not find a job, Google will tell you when it is available.

This is just a dandy proposal if you comprise the 4.4% of the population that consists of people desperately searching for a job. Retail jobs will be preponderant over developer jobs.

According to Techcrunch, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai lent a peek into this Google for Jobs search engine. Google is basically partnering with other setups to provide lucrative jobs to people who want to lend their valuable talent and killer job skills.

Applicants will be able to filter jobs by place, designation, type, time period of vacancy and whether the job is part-time or full-time. The internal mechanics of this Google job search engine are very complex.  

Google took a survey before starting this facility on the Internet. The CEO Sundar Pichai started off the I/O 2017 with a bang. When there will be more jobs, there will be more satisfied people who can contribute their bucket to the ever-flowing tributary that is the job market.

Pichai spoke of how the company felt that such a service was necessary and so it began efforts to provide the facility.

According to NDTV, this is a vital transformation in the world of computers. Not only are computers being used as information machines but they are being used to fulfill the needs of human beings in a more important field of life.

That would be the economic base without which all else would be useless. Only when the physiological needs are met via the appropriate necessities provided by a job that

Source: This article was published By Sumayah Aamir

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