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Google kills Android Nougat beta – Android Oreo incoming?


The next major version of Android is nearly here, as Google shuts down theAndroid Nougat beta for good.

There will be no more beta-tested versions of Android Nougat software, as Google has finally killed off the beta program. Instead, we’re now hanging around for the full launch of Google’s Android O, following the release of the Developer Preview on March 21.

Developers subscribed to the new Developer Preview are currently in ‘Preview 1’, which is basically an alpha phase. We’re not expecting to see a beta until the official Android O launch, which is likely to take place on May 17 during Google’s annual I/O developer conference.

At the show, it’s likely Google will announce full details of major changes incoming with Android O. We’ll also probably learn the official name for the software; Google has a tradition of naming Android versions after delicious treats. A clear frontrunner for Android O’s name is ‘Oreo’, but we could see a surprise winner – oatmeal cookie, perhaps?

Android Nougat is the seventh major version of Google’s Android OS, and was first released in alpha back on March 9, 2016. The full consumer release came much later, in August that year, rolling out first to Google’s own Nexus devices.

As of May 2017, estimates put 7.1% of all Android devices as running on Nougat, based on Google Play traffic data. Just 0.5% of those are on the latest Android 7.1 version however, with the remaining 6.6% still using Android 7.0

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