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Google Home: Release Date, Pricing, and Top Search Features


Google Home, unveiled on Tuesday, gives you immediate access to Google Assistant whenever and wherever you need it. Ask for a recipe while in your kitchen, ask for the latest sports scores while in your living room, or ask for current traffic conditions as you get ready for work in the morning.

With the simple command of “OK Google”, you can ask Google Home to perform any tasks that Google Search is capable of doing. Google Home can answer questions, convert currency, look up weather conditions, read you the daily news, and more — all in real time.

Connecting Google Home with your personal Google account creates even more options. For example, with the command “OK Google, tell me about my day”, Google Home will tap into your calendar and read off your schedule.

The hardware itself has been designed to blend in seamlessly with one’s home, featuring a clean and minimal design. No buttons, no LED lights, just a capacitive touch surface on top and the speaker grill on the bottom. Since every home has a different interior design, Google Home can be customized to match its surroundings.

A Virtual Assistant with Personality

This may sound like a very mechanical experience, but Google Home is not necessarily all business. Like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa — Google Assistant has been developed with a personality and a female persona.

You can have conversations and/or joke around with Google Assistant, and it will respond back in its own unique way. You can see an example of Google Assistant’s personality in the company’s new Google Allo messaging app.

Pricing and Availability

Google Home will be available to purchase in November, with preorders having already begun. It will retail for a price of $129 and can be bought from the Google Store, as well as major retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

Source : Search Engine Journal


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