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Google Hire, the new service by Google that help the users to find employment


There is no doubt that Google is a multidisciplinary company. It ranges from the internet search engine, with which it started, until the manufacture of smartphones and tablets. A diversification of businesses that, in the end, has a positive impact on its reputation as a company.

Recently it was known that Google was starting to stick its nose in the food business, today we tell you that Google wants to get into the business of job portals and for that, it is preparing to launch Google Hire.
Google Hire, the portal where Google wants you to find employment.

It seems that the US company is in the process of creating a service called Google Hire. This would be a job portal where you can search and offer work. It will facilitate contact between companies and potential workers.

There is still no official confirmation from Google, but this service could see the light soon, since the website has been operational for a long time. Although at present it is impossible to know any details about it with complete accuracy.

This idea of the job portal is not new as we can find similar services as LinkedIn and InfoJobs, which have been operating for some time. This project is part of the company’s business division, led by Diane Green.

Despite this, we have our doubts about Google Hire, since experience tells us that Google does not like copying. When the company borrows ideas from others, it always tries to go a step further to differentiate itself, so it would not be rare to see some Artificial Intelligence implemented in Google Hire.

At the moment, we will wait for more data to know, is there something special about Google Hire or would it be simply an employment portal.

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