Friday, 08 September 2017 03:01

Google has invited more beta testers to the new Google Search Console


Were you invited to try out the new Google Search Console beta? Google just sent out new invites yesterday.

Yesterday, Google has sent out a new batch of invites to webmasters to try out some of the new features within the new beta Google Search Console. If you were invited, you should see in your Google Search Console dashboard for a specific property, a link to “try the new Search Console” at the top left.

Here is a screen shot of that link:

Try-the-new-Search-Console Google has invited more beta testers to the new Google Search Console

Google also sent email notifications to those invited yesterday that looked like this:

We were the first to uncover screen shots of the new interface and features in the new Google Search Console, and then Google added more details about what to expect in this beta release.

The new Google Search Console is aimed at giving users (a) more actionable insights, (b) better support of your organizational workflow and (c) faster feedback loops between you and Google, says Google.

Source: This article was published By Barry Schwartz


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