Tuesday, 06 February 2018 03:02

Google Explains Why the New Search Console Has Missing Data


A recently published Google help document explains why reports are missing in the new Search Console. There are two fairly straightforward reasons for the missing data.

1. It Hasn’t Been Migrated Yet

The first and most likely reason why some reports are missing from the new search console is that Google simply hasn’t migrated them yet. Google is still in the process of building the new search console— keep in mind it’s still in the very early stages of a public beta.

It will take some time before all the reports are migrated. Google notes that more reports will be added in the coming quarters.

2. There’s a Better Way to Present the Data

Not every report will be migrated exactly the same way it exists in the classic version of search console. There may be a better way to present the data, according to Google. In some cases, there may even be a few different types of data combined into one report.

Google also notes that some reports, which once stood on their own as top-level reports, are now part of a flow.

If you haven’t found the data you’re looking for, and it exists in the classic search console, then you may find it by looking in other reports.

Rest assured that Google will not just stop showing important Search Console data to users. Missing data either hasn’t been migrated yet, or it has been moved to a different report. If the data you need isn’t in the new Search Console right now then you can always toggle back and forth between the new and classic versions.

Source: This article was published searchenginejournal.com By Matt Southern


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