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Google Drive Update Allows Keyword And Phrase Search Similar To Google Web Search


The always online lifestyle of workers today means that their files need to be on hand anytime. To do this, many upload their files in Google's cloud service, Google Drive.

Some users though have complained that it is difficult to find files uploaded in the site. The tech company seemingly has taken these complaints into account and taken action to resolve it.

Google announced an upgrade to its cloud storage service, Google Drive, giving it search option capabilities similar to its internet search.

The upgrade includes the addition of natural-language-processing (NLP) features in the search bar of Google Drive.

User can now find files and information in the cloud in the same way they find information through Google's website search engine.

The updated Google Drive will allow the retrieval of files using commonly used phrases and will provide key word suggestions, which is already familiar to users who have used the Google search engine.

Apparently, the addition of natural-language-processing (NLP) has made these changes possible.

Google Product Manager Josh Smith described NLP as a "fancy way of saying 'search like you talk.'" He added, "Drive will understand what you mean and give you the option to click for those specific search results."

Searching "Google Drive" for documents using specific filenames can now be abandoned.

Instead, users can type, for instance, "show budget spreadsheets" or "find presentations from Jodie," and the cloud service will find the files.

Google Drive will also now autocorrect misspelled search word in queries. What is more important is that Google Drive's NLP can learn and even improve with each query.

Lastly, Google Drive users can now divide documents into multiple columns. Auto saving of files when using MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint will also take effect.

The search upgrade of Google Drive comes at time when the tech firm has just introduced a host of IT-friendly features for "Google Drive for Work" which include sharing controls, security features and custom alerts.

Google said that as of March 2015 last year, more than 1,800 businesses registered up for "Google Drive for Work" every week

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