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Google Cloud Search Offers A smart Search Engine For G Suite


Google launched the cloud search feature for the business customers on 8th February. The new Google Cloud Search feature will allow its customers who use the G-suite products. These products include Google Drive, Gmail, Sites, Docs, Calendar, Contacts and much more. The service was available in a limited preview. Previously it was known as the Springboard. The Springboard described something like Google Now for the enterprise workers.

The Springboard is now known as the Google Search. The larger companies were able to use the Springboard. The search service offers file sharing permissions, and this helps the users to access that is available for them. That can include companywide resources like the policy manuals, team projects or documents that only they can see.

How does Google Cloud Search facility work?

Along with adding to surface work documents, the Google Cloud Search facility will work as the directory service. It will allow the users to check out information about colleagues, view events, and files that they have in common. While viewing info within search results, the users will also have the option to click start emails, phone calls or hangout. The new feature has got more intelligence than you can imagine.

Along with the G-Suite rebranding, the company also announced machine powered intelligence. It includes “Quick Access” in Google Drive. It is a new feature that predicts which file you need just before you begin typing. Google Cloud Search can translate to help you in predictive search. The goal is to offer increased productivity to G-suite users.

A major issue at present

Google claims that right now it is taking 50% more of regular time to pull up the correct file in predictive search. But the company will soon reduce this figure. The feature is similar to Google Now. The cloud search facility uses a card style design for presenting information to you. It doesn’t matter whether you access the search service with phone or laptop. Like Google now, the Google Cloud Search facility uses machine intelligence for highlighting information that you will read.

These cards are called “Assist cards.” The cards pop up things like recently accessed files reminders, notes and much more. The Google Cloud Search is rolling out right now for customers who use G-Suite business and the enterprise editions. Google says it will introduce more features in future and chances are it will also integrate it with third party apps.

Source : https://technewsinc.com/google-cloud-search-offers-smart-search-engine-g-suite-745854/


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