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Google, Bing Search Boxes Will Disappear By 2027: Microsoft Predicts


The humble Google, Bing search boxes will disappear by 2027, according to a team of Microsoft researchers. The research team, comprising of all women were asked about technological advances they expect to see in 2017 and 2027. Along with predicting the disappearance of the traditional search box, the team also predicted that farmers will start using AI for predicting crop yields.


Susan Dumais, one of the researchers, believes that deep learning will continue to help with improved search results in the coming years. She is also of the opinion that the search box will be no longer required by the time 2027 arrives. According to her it will be replaced by something more "ubiquitous, embedded, and contextually sensitive".  She elaborated further on her prediction, "We are already seeing the increased use of voice search with the help of vocal commands, both in cases of home computers and smart-phones. This trend will only increase in the coming years and there will come a time when we will be able to search using images, videos and sound." 


It is worth noting here that such a prediction from Microsoft isn't surprising. The company has been losing the search engine battle to Google for decades now. One of the reasons Microsoft used an all-women team of researchers is because there are always complaints about "lack of women in tech fields".  All of the other predictions can be checked out here.


Coming to the prediction of farmers using AI for growing crops, Asta Rosway, principal research designer, said that farmers will not only use it for growing crops, but also for tracking "disaster, drought and climate change". Another researcher of the team, Xiaoyan Sun is of the opinion that deep learning and imaging devices will improve so much that "artificial eyes" could be created from them.



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