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Google Assistant Can Now Tell You About Slang, Beer, and Men’s Fashion


Google Assistant can now tell you more about what it means to “get lit” while drinking “small batch IPAs” and wearing the hottest in men’s fashion.

The Verge reports around 20 conversation actions or services were added to Google Assistant over the past few weeks. Notably, the virtual assistant has been enhanced with a beer guide, a slang dictionary, and information about men’s fashion.

The latest additions seem to be centered around fun, The Verge believes, providing further examples of what Google Assistant is now able to do:

”Narwhal Bacon will serve up random facts and posts shared on Reddit, while Able Style will tell you men’s fashion tips. Hop over to the Able Style website while Google Assistant is talking to you and you can see suggested wardrobe visuals live onscreen. Wardrobe recommendations are made based on local weather, and in the future will be based on your preferences.”

Also in this update are controllers for more Internet of Things (IoT) devices from Home Bond, Quick Remote, and Stringify.

Though Google Assistant is available on a slew of new Android Devices, the Allo messaging app, and several Android Wear devices — the third-party actions mentioned in this post are only available on Google Home.

This latest update sees Google Assistant’s conversation actions exceeding the 100 mark, making it possible to speak with around 105 third-party services. For a complete list of Google Assistant actions, go to “More settings” in the Google Home app and click on “Services.”

Author : Matt Southern

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