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Google Actively Working On Adding A Year Of Search Analytics Data To Search Console


Since 2013 we've been hearing Google may extend the search analytics query data from 90 days of data to a full year. Well, it might be just around the corner?

A rare comment from Google's John Mueller in yesterday's Webmaster hangout has him saying they are working on it and may be up to adjusting the user interface to support using a full year of data.

Can we expect more search queries data in Search Console? Like maybe for a whole year?

He said this at the 28:28 minute mark into the video:

You're not the first person to ask for that and as far as I know the team is working on doing that but it takes a bit of time to kind of get all about lined up with regards to having the right data. And we need to make sure that the UI is actually usable if you have a year's worth of data. Then the UI needs to probably be slightly different than what we have now.

Back in 2013 Google said they would work on giving us up to one-year worth of data (up from 90-days) in the Google Search Console (known then as Google Webmaster Tools). Well, that never happened and we thought maybe it would happen in 2015 but that did not happen. Michael Fink from Google's Search Console team had it on his poll list, and then they said at the end of 2015 it might happen - nope - did not. Maybe 2017 is our year?

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Author : Barry Schwartz

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