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Gmail for web search results are now more contextual

By  [Source: This article was published in androidheadlines.com By Hamid Ganji]

Google has updated the search results on the Gmail web version, and now you can access richer and more contextual searches. The company claims it can now offers an even more relevant results to each user.

Back in July, Google released an update to the Gmail app that improved search and suggestion options. That update brought up results based on “how often you interact with a colleague via Gmail” and other “historical exchanges.”

Now, a similar update is coming to the web client. But it shows results based on recent activities on the Gmail.com website. The update is released to the Gmail web client. However, it might also come to the mobile apps in the future.

The Gmail web version gets more personalized search results

Gmail on the web has undergone many changes in recent months, and the most notable one is a new design based on the Material You theme. Additionally, Google has gathered Gmail, Chat, and Meet under one roof with the new design. While there is a way to return to the old design, most users find the latest design more productive and modern.

A new search process for the Gmail web version is one of many things that the Mountain View-based company announced. Google now allows you to resize the pivot table editor side panel in Google Sheets. The company says the feature is useful “when the names of columns or fields are too long, and you want to see the text in its entirety.”

Another new feature announced by Google is the ability to share Docs, Sheets, and Slides files in Google Meet chat. When you are joined to a meeting through a file, you can now share that file with audiences through in-meeting chat. This will help to increase collaboration and conversation among participants. The feature also comes after Google allowed users to join or present to a Google Meet call from Docs, Sheets, or Slides earlier this year.

[Source: This article was published in androidheadlines.com By Hamid Ganji - Uploaded by the Association Member: Jason bourne]


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