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Fleet Management with GPS Tracking: A Must-Have for Modern Businesses

By  Emma

GPS tracking is a 1960s brainchild of Roger Easton, widely used to track the location of a target object or subject. Global Positioning System uses 24 well-spaced satellites orbiting the earth to pinpoint the ground speed, longitude, direction, and latitude of a target. Courier businesses, military personnel, police, and firefighters are the primary beneficiaries of this technology.

The technology combines an automatic vehicle locator system, interactive maps, GPS interface, and receiver to monitor and manage large fleets. They provide a reliable way to connect fleet managers with field personnel to improve communication, accountability, and general operations. Learn why every fleet manager should leverage the power of GPS tracking technology.

1. Perfect for Route Optimization

Fleet drivers encounter several challenging situations that could lead to delayed order deliveries. They could get stuck in traffic, face poorly-conditioned roads, or deal with roadblocks. Failure to address these problematic driving situations affects order delivery time. Customers expect nothing less of getting their products on the agreed timelines. Otherwise, your business reputation will suffer a significant setback. 

Various precautions can aid in addressing such uncertainties. One vital step is to integrate a GPS car company tracker into your fleet management. GPS trackers deliver real-time mapping data and the latest news on vehicle routes. You have punctual access to the historical and up-to-date data of the roads your cavalcade uses. 

The system sends updates regarding incidental detours, traffic congestion, and road closures. This way, you can refer your drivers to safer routes to optimize the delivery of orders.

2. Effective Cost Management Solution 

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A 2019 Telematics Benchmark survey shows that cost is the biggest challenge faced by modern U.S. businesses. Primary business costs involve the maintenance of equipment and vehicles, fuel, and payroll. You can lower your hotel or trucking fleet costs by optimizing cost management with GPS trackers. These systems capture real-time driver activities, sharing the feeds to your mobile or computer app. You receive unadulterated information on driver behaviors, inefficient routing, and idling.

The Geofencing feature on the trackers helps you to minimize payroll costs. Track the location of every driver to uncover trends of any excess idling that costs your company through unworked hours. Strict management rules combined with GPS tracking ensure drivers get paid for the hours they serve.

These systems track the health and condition of vehicles, sending notifications of maintenance requests. By keeping all vehicle components upbeat, you optimize vehicle efficiency, cutting down on fuel costs and downtime.

3. Improved Driver Safety 

Driver safety is integral to the productivity and smooth operations of every business that runs a fleet of trucks or cars. Many things endanger drivers’ lives, from bad roads, tailgating, speeding, and harsh braking. Drivers might rush to meet deadlines, violating speed limit rules. They could brake sharply to prevent accidents. You can stop all these incidents when drivers get proper coaching and training.

With GPS tracking systems, you receive real-time signals following rickety driving incidents. This information is handy when initiating training programs and coaching strategies to help drivers drive carefully. Such valuable data can help you know which drivers to retain or fire as necessary.

4. Higher Customer Satisfaction Levels 

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Nothing beats serving a satisfied client every day you dispatch goods or tour vehicles. When all about your company speaks positivity, more customers will keep flowing. Sadly, businesses running fleets of vehicles have a challenge satisfying customers. Out of ten drivers, one or two miss their deadlines. That spoils the name your company strives to build per the positive testimonials from customers served by other drivers.

Business managing large fleets needs to invest in GPS tracking systems to improve customer satisfaction levels. Tracking vehicles gives you all the information about delivery times. Customers get accurate updates on when to expect their packages. You can leverage the real-time vehicle location updates to offer precise ETAs. Also, GPS systems make it easier to handle last-minute delivery requests.

5. Effective for Theft Control 

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Thieves struggle to attempt when they know someone is watching. Like CCTV cameras, RAM GPS trackers are your third eye. They watch over the activities a driver engages in, the places they visit, the routes they take, and their idling habits. They send signals when unauthorized persons access the vehicles or cargo.

In the unfortunate event that someone steals your vehicle or the driver attempts to steal the valuables in transit, you get notified immediately. No matter which routes the vehicle takes, you will have real-time location updates. When you contact the authorities for assistance, you will have critical data to help them recover the stolen vehicle. Also, you can effortlessly tell when the vehicle drives past restricted areas.

Wrapping Up

Modern businesses in the fleet management industry miss a lot of opportunities when they overlook a GPS tracking system. The usefulness of these systems exceeds just monitoring your fleet to optimize efficiency and security. They keep you updated on the condition of the vehicles, preventing failures and downtimes. 

You can monitor drivers and their activities on the road, alerting you of idling, speeding, and harsh acceleration. These updates are essential for helping you to optimize the safety of drivers, the productivity of your vehicles, and the profitability of your business.


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