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What is a Firewall? Defined, Explained, and Explored


Firewall is a term that most internet users are familiar with. They may have come across the term at the office when they browse the web, or at home, when several people use the same connection, where security needs to be setup. But what is Firewall, and how does it work? Although many people might have heard of the term, few are aware of its uses.

‘Firewall’ refers to a security system that is employed to keep out the viruses and doubtful networks. It  can be software based or hardware based. It regulates the information flowing in and out of the network and have a set of rules that is used to filter the trusted networks, prevent unauthorized access of information, as well as remote access to your network.

Most Firewalls employ the use of filters, which means the information or data that is flagged by the filters are not allowed through. Firewalls use several methods for this purpose; packet filtering, application gateways, proxy service and Stateful inspection. The good thing is, Firewalls are customizable, allowing you to choose the unique features for your protection online. You can customize them according to the level of security you need. Often, Firewalls use two or more of the techniques mentioned above for greater security. Such Firewalls are known as Hybrid Firewalls. You can also use settings which block out content with certain words, which is often done in offices, or at home, to filter out inappropriate content when children are using computers.

There are also several options of Firewall security that can be used. You may choose between the hardware firewall and a software firewall. Hardware firewall can be purchased, but usually comes preinstalled on a standard router, while software firewall is installed on computers as an added security measure. Hardware firewall is used typically by large corporations, who want a single security umbrella for several departments and systems. They can hide your IP from the connections outside, along with providing protection within corporations and between departments. However, since it is a place based security system, it is usually not recommended for individual users and personal computers. Software Firewalls can operate outside your home and office, hence it is recommended for digital security when you are on the move.

Firewall is a useful tool in protecting your PC from the external environment. It protects your computer from harmful content while protecting your personal information being sent out. It acts as a guard screening all the incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer. While different security levels can be established by different settings on Firewalls, it can also be customized to suit your needs. You can also choose between the hardware and software firewall, both of which work well in different situations.


Firewall is a security system to protect your PC from the external environment. They are customizable, for you to choose a combination that suits your needs. Yu can also choose between the hardware and software firewall, both of which work well in different situations.


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