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6 Best Sites to Find Anyone Online in 2022


6 best sites you can use to find anyone free easily!

These sites can help you reconnect with family members, old friends, or classmates, as well as learn important information about people you love to know more about. They can be used to do background checks, criminal history searches, public records searches, and social media searches.

Consider how time-consuming it would be to locate your long-lost cousin's current address. Or conduct a non-digital, in-person background check on someone you just met and are unsure if they are telling the truth about their identification. It would take days or weeks to gather information on your own. You could've come up empty-handed. So you'll need some search engines to know and understand all that you can about that person.

Browse these 6 best people search sites to find anyone featured below from a large pool of people search engines to help you make a quick search.

List of 6 Best Sites to Find Anyone Online

1- TruthFinder

TruthFinder Logo

Truthfinder is an advanced people search site to find anyone online that makes it quick and easy to look for public data online. You can find criminal or traffic records, contact information, work or schooling history, social media accounts, and more! Truthfinder is a better alternative to Pipl because it gathers data from Federal, State, and County data sources to conduct background checks. This means you get your information from local authorities, organizations, government agencies, private companies, and other sources. 

Since 2015, they've been assisting Americans in reconnecting families, friends and learning more about the people they're allowing into their lives. They are named among the best sites to find anyone free. 

Truthfinder analyzes thousands of documents discovered on the Internet or private databases, social media records, and other data sources and offers precise information about the person you're looking for. So far, you've been able to locate criminal records, covert Facebook accounts, and anonymous contact information, among other things.

Background Checking with TruthFinder is easy, and you may quickly find the information you need. You can search by first name, last name, city, and state. Previously, the family tree was highlighted, but it is no longer accessible at this time.

How does it work?

Truthfinder is very simple to use. When you visit the website, you are greeted with a large, prominent search bar from which you can instantly search for people by entering their first name, last name, city, state. During our testing, the site produced a comprehensive and visually appealing report. The results were completely accurate, as expected. Furthermore, Truthfinder has a mobile app so that you can do everything with your smartphone.


  • Detailed reports
  • Easy to use
  • Transparent data collection


  • Paid subscription

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2- FastPeopleSearch

Fast People Search

Fast people's search is a data aggregator that displays people's names, emails, phone numbers, addresses lookup, and other personal information. To access the most comprehensive and up-to-date public records registry, perform a reverse phone lookup, email search, or address search. 

It can access public records and share them on its website because this information is technically available to the public. Fast people search gathers data from a variety of sources. They rely on publicly available sources such as government records, similar databases and registrations, phone book listings, and so on. You can also find out who is calling by using a reserve phone that displays current results. will remove any record obtained from your opt-out request from their search results within 72 hours. Your information, however, will continue to be available on other people-search sites, including those with which collaborates (BeenVerified and TruthFinder), are the best sites to find anyone.

How does it work?

The procedure is quite simple. First, you must conduct a name, phone, or address search. You'll be given some free information. A full report must be paid for. Enter the person's name and location to find them by name. The last name is required, but the full name and place help to narrow the search area. Once you've filled in the blanks, hit the search button. To perform a reverse phone lookup, click the Phone icon and enter the unknown phone number in the search box. Then press the search button.


  • Free Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Free Reverse Address Lookup
  • Search by Name


  • Some people are concerned that their personal information is easily accessible to everyone.

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3- PeopleFinders


PeopleFinders provides a few free details like the person's names, age, family members, and sometimes the first few digits of their phone number. After that, you can spend a few dollars for the entire search report (which is a trial of the full membership), or you can pay more for a full background report.

You can end your concerns about unknown callers by using reverse phone lookup. The site's reverse address feature also allows you to find someone or learn about the area's residential history. Furthermore, if someone emails you and needs more information about who and where it came from, this free email lookup is your best friend.

Background Checks, Criminal Records, Business Records, Reverse Phone Lookups, and Public Records are among the services offered by the website, constantly adding new and intriguing services. PeopleFinders also has access to over 40 years of data, allowing us to supply consumers with both historical and most recent public records.

How does it work?

The website provides sufficient information for free. Simply type the person's name and location into the search field to start a search. PeopleFinders will then provide a list of people in the same area with similar names. 

It will also include other information such as their aliases, age, relatives, and further pertinent details. It is without a doubt one of the best free people search sites.


  • Multiple search options
  • Lightning-fast searches
  • User-friendly
  • Deep searching


  • Paid subscription for multiple background checks

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4- Zabasearch

Zaba Search

Zabasearch is a free search engine that lies in the list of the 6 best people search sites that can help you find information about anyone such as their names, addresses, phone numbers, birth year, and more. Zabasearch provides information based on court records, phone directories & traditional websites. Look up information from court records, phone directories, and traditional websites. Furthermore, it's an excellent way to track down your relatives or find old friends who have been lost! Zabasearch provides this vital service, but along with that, it offers other helpful supplementary resources such as updated contact details of the person if there have been any changes since then. Now, this may help with getting in touch more easily than before - all at no cost.

This free person search counts among the best sites to find anyone who gathers diverse information about US residents by scanning the Internet for information and delivering the data you need, such as names, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, birth years, and so on.

How does it work?

To find anyone information on Zabasearch by searching their name, reverse phone lookup, and phone number. In addition, the ZabaSearch website collects personal data from the general public. This could include property records, Yellow Pages, White Pages, marketing forms, sweepstakes entries, social media profiles, personal websites, voter registration records, and more.


  • Results of intimate moments.
  • Give some data for free.


  • The free report doesn't have many subtitles.
  • Not as exceptional as similar destinations.
  • Lots of ads.
  • For US Search Only

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5- Peekyou


PeekYou is considered the best site to find anyone free that gathers information about people from across the Internet, including social networks, professional directories, news sources, and blogs. PeekYou has indexed billions of records on more than 750 million unique individuals.

PeekYou adds an exciting twist to the world of free people search sites; it allows you to search for usernames across various social networking communities.

PeekYou works best for US residents' search online, and you can use it for global inquiries as well and is well-known among the top people search sites. Similarly, PeekYou calculates the likelihood of any link being linked to a specific person.

How does it work?

PeekYou allows you to search by name and search by username. If you want to search by name, simply type your first and last name and select your state, then click on the search box to see what they have on them across the web. 

If you are looking for a social media account, searching by username is the best way to find anyone free worldwide. They even have an app available on iPhone and Android devices that allows you to access your account on the go! 


  • The unique calculation to provide accurate results
  • Search by username or alias
  • No registration required
  • Free people search


  • For US Search Only
  • Results are restricted

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6- TruePeopleSearch

true people search logo

True People Search is an entirely free site to find anyone online, a reverse phone lookup, and reverse address lookup service that helps you find people in the United States. People can find out about the targeted person's identity, find the owner of a lost debit card, and check people's background history. 

Search through billions of public records! Property deeds, obituaries, marriage licenses, birth certificates, and even court files. The information in these records is often posted online by the government or the individual who created them. This information is used by anyone to help you in finding the person you're looking for. These resources are free to use, at least for initial searches. Some websites will charge a fee for in-depth searches. 

TruePeopleSearch offers industry-leading reports and comprehensive data on people. The report includes information about the target's address, phone numbers, relatives, social media accounts, criminal histories, and career history.

For US residents, True people's search provides detailed information on your loved one's location and state of residence; those living outside the country also give good hits for Canadian citizens looking to track down old friends or family members they've lost touch with over time.

How does it work?

Simply enter a name, phone number, or address, and the results will be given back fast.  Adding the city name, country, state, and zip code in the search helps the search engine refine its results and find the most likely and matched results.


  • In-depth results.
  • Free to use
  • Update via e-mail new information. 


  • It paid after a few free searches.
  • Extravagant

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What are the best free search sites to find anyone online?

The best free people search sites are Facebook, Linkedin, Google,, Pipl, Intelius,, US Search, and BeenVerified.

How to find someone with just a phone number?

True caller, US Search, and Zoominfo can help you find anyone by phone number, address, or name.

How do you search anyone on for Free?

To search anyone on, you will need to create a free login and password. Then enter your search parameters and let the hunt begin!

To summarize, these free people search sites are the most effective ways to find anyone. They can be used both personally and professionally. It is simple to grasp how to use People Search Engines as they can be helpful for obtaining micro facts about anyone. These sites are essential when hiring new staff or renting out your property to avoid making mistakes. You might find a list of Specialized Search Engines informative. Use them today and see how they benefit you!


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