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Fast People Search: Overview Opt-Out & Removal Guide 2022


Fast People Search, often known as Fastpeoplesearch, is the most popular website for searching for people by name, address, email, or reverse phone lookup. It collects information that is freely available on the internet. FastPeopleSearch was founded to provide the general people with next-generation telephony and Big-Data access.

Fast People Search is completely free! And their database is regularly updated. It covers landline, cell phone, and business information for people all over the United States.

This article will go through its features, facts, services, and how to use this well-known people search engine. We'll also discuss removing your name from this site and contact customer service. First, we'll look at the database that this search engine is based on.

5 Facts you should think about Fast People Search

  1. You can use FastPeopleSearch right now to confirm the identity of someone you know. Alternatively, you can conduct a name search to find out where a former friend is now.
  2. Fast People Search Engine has an extensive database of people's records and can provide contact information such as some values, name, city, or home status.
  3. It retrieves your driving license, property records and scrapes data from posts, tax records, phonebook postings, and web-based media.
  4. It provides some search features for people to discover, such as free reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup, and search by popular and last names.
  5. Fast People Search is available for free.

Fast People Search Services

  • Search by Name 
  • Search by Street Address
  • Search by Phone
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Reverse Address Lookup

Search by Name, Phone Number, or Street Address can help you find out a group search by name, address search, or conversational phone inquiry can help you find the owner of a phone number, the location of a loved one who has tragically vanished, and much more. examines many records to provide you with vital contact information. Use whatever information you have (name, city, state) to locate a person and their contact information. Similarly, you can enter a location to see who is currently living there.

Address Search

An address search at FastPeopleSearch can reveal the tenant history, going back 40 years. Learn more about your new neighbors, colleagues, or friends and family by using a free people locator to conduct an essential opposite direction inquiry. You can also locate defined property data with the fast people search app by simply entering the location.

Reverse Phone Search

Conduct a phone consultation with FastPeopleSearch and observe the individual. A reverse phone number query can get you all the niceties with just one phone number. Enter a number to keep track of the owner's name and other contact information.

People Search

Confirm the identity of someone you know right now. Alternatively, you can find out where a former colleague or partner is now by trying to conduct a name search on FastPeopleSearch.

Reverse Address Lookup

Property has more to it than meets the eye. There is a potential wealth of information beyond the dividers of a structure or the wall of a property. A location query on the internet can quickly and efficiently find that information you want from the fast people search reverse address lookup feature.

What might you find out? With a 40-year return, a location search on FastPeopleSearch can reveal the history of the people who live behind a property. Then, for each registered name, you'll have access to that person's past and current contact information, including additional addresses and phone numbers.

You might need to conduct a location search for reasons closer to home. There, we can once again assist.

Find People

Do you think someone you know used to live in that old house down the street? A location search will help you find out without a doubt and show you where that person can be found today.

Know Your Neighbors

You can make introductions easier by learning more about your new neighbors. With a location query on FastPeopleSearch, you can discover their names and where they are from

Get Past Address

You can find out where someone lived by looking at their current location. Enter it into the search fields above to learn about a person's location history going back many years.

Reverse Phone Lookup

In general, receiving calls from a number we don't recognize can be hugely annoying. But, rather than ignoring it and hoping it will go away, wouldn't it be better to find out who is behind that number? That way, you can choose whether to respond to the call or ignore it., opposite phone consultation, can assist you in doing the same.

In any case, that could only be the first step. Finally, a  fast people search phone number lookup can reveal a lot more information about a phone number than just the name of the person who owns it. Begin a free Converse phone consultation today by searching the US FastPeopleSearch white pages for the owner's name and fake names, other phone numbers, and previous and present addresses, as well as prospective family members and associates.

FastPeopleSearch's reverse phone query has the information you need whether the phone number is new or old, landline or battery operated.

Find Out Who Called

The most well-known reason people use the reverse phone counseling service is to verify the character of an unknown guest. Enter the number to obtain the owner's name quickly. 


Try not to be upset if you receive a call or text message from a number you do not recognize. A reverse phone lookup can help you determine whether or not a phone number is genuine.

Discover People

When one number is all you need to keep on going, you can use it to find someone you haven't seen in a long time. A phone number lookup reveals the owner's current name, address, and other contact information.

Fast People Search Price is entirely free, unlike many other scheduling and locator sites that start offering free administration before handling users with membership options. It is not expected that you will pay anything before using the specific administration. Its central slip is that it is not open outside the United States, which explains it well because it only covers the virtues of American citizens.

Pay for individual reports.

You can decide to pay each time you create and download a report on Fast People Search. As we mentioned, finding people's essential reports is free. As it may be, assuming you need a background check report, you will have to pay for it.

Trial for 5 days is $1

Finally, lets you test your administration for $1 for five days. You can create an unlimited number of reports on it. However, if you do not check before the 5 days, you will be charged $29.95 / month.

1-month reporting subscription: First month $19.95, then $29.95.

The cost of 1 month of participation is $19.95 for the central month and $29.95 after that. Please remember that your subscription is automatically reset every month, so remember to cancel.

Fast People Search Customer Service

Is the customer support of Fast People Search great? We observed that they were very active in the protest roundabouts and repair sites. They responded to a small group of customer complaints and quickly discovered them.

In any case, please note that does not include customer service contact numbers or email addresses. However, they have a structure to help you get rid of it. You can send your inquiry or complaint through it.

Fast People Search Data Accuracy

How accurate do fast people generate the reports searching? Is it fair to say they deserve money? We observe that the organization's report accuracy is a unique combination.

Some clients speak highly about how accurate the reports are of Fast People Search, both inside and out. Others complained that Fast People Search discovered something unrelated to what they were looking for.

However, keep in mind that some organizations prefer query calculations over others. They usually look for ways to recover accurate and relevant data. The fast people search engine is new and still aims to improve your indexed lists.

Instructions for using Fast People Search

Do you need to assess Fast People Search? To begin, look for a name, phone number, or address. You will be given free information. A full report will cost you money.

For reverse phone consultation, tap the phone symbol and enter the phone number into the query box. Then, at this point, click search.

If you're looking for a specific location, click on the address symbol. In the main search box, type the road's direction. Enter the city, state, and postal district for a fast search in the box below.

For each of the three cases, a free report of the people search engine will be created for you. This includes all publicly accessible data related to your free consultation. You have the option of viewing a complete basic report, for which you pay a one-time fee or follow a month-to-month plan.

Suppose you need to view the complete foundation report; you will be prompted to enter your email address and given the option to create a password for the record. You must also enter the details of your card.


Free People Search: You'll find people for free, help that usually costs -5 3-5 in different locations. 

$ 15-day trial: 15-day start is an absolute. You get an unlimited number of cost reports. Just check before the start time expires.

Simplicity: With Fast People Search, you get what you see. They are also clear from their participation and evaluation plans. We like that they are willing to be straight.


Establish several services: The organization does not offer many administrations other than a center, such as personal research. Advanced clients like the experts may have to miss out.

Customer Service: Customer service is minimal. If a phone number exceeds the amount required to request it, we would primarily like to see an accessible email address on the site.

Tried and not tried: FastPeopleSearch is just as extraordinary. Although the business is accurate, it is still not proven.

How to Remove Yourself from Fast People Search?

To remove yourself from Fast People Search, you must fill out an opt-out form. After that, will your listing be removed within 24 hours?

Simple 5 Steps to remove yourself from Fast People Search

Remove me from fastpeoplesearch? These five simple steps will help you remove yourself from fast people search.

Step 1:  Go to this link, Click the Agreement box and perform the CAPTCHA and "BEGIN REMOVAL PROCESS."

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Step 2: For Fast Search Removal, Enter your state and city name in the search box and click the "Free Search" button

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Step 3: Find the matching result and click on it

F:SABAOctober 2021202.png

Step 4: Click the "Remove my record" button.

Click the "Remove my record

Step 5: Check your inbox to find an email from FastPeopleSearch. Follow the opt-out link in the email to complete the removal process.

F:SABAOctober 2021204.pngThe site takes 24 hours to remove your post, and you can check back later.


How to look up someone by phone number on Fast People Search?

FastPeopleSearch is the best place to start when you're looking for someone. They have a phone lookup tab that will allow users with just their name or an address, and it won't take long before they are given clues about which profiles may be related through numbers obtained from records in the database!

How to find someone with a phone number on Fast People Search?

With FastPeopleSearch, you can find people by phone and get the information fast. Enter a person's name (or just their last name) as well as their city, state, or ZIP code into the 

How do you remove yourself from Fast People Search?

The fastest way to remove your data from FastPeopleSearch is to go directly to your dropout page at You need to tap the comprehension box, play the captcha, and view your record. When discovering your history, click "View Free Goodwill" and select "Delete My Record." Your record must be deleted within 72 hours.

Is Fast People Search Illegal?

FastPeopleSearch and any other representative information locations operating within the boundaries of the law are legal. Eventually, because these statistics are available to the general public, FastPeopleSearch can access freely available reports and present them on its site.

How does FastPeopleSearch retrieve my data?

Destinations like FastPeopleSearch collect data from a variety of sources. They use open access sources, including government registries, comparison information and registration databases, telephone directory publications, and more.

What are the best free Alternative people search engine?

Apart from the above search engines, several other useful tools, and people search engines are created with a hyper-focus on finding solely people-related information, described below as the best people finder websites.

  • Anywho
  • Busted in the US
  • Black Book Online
  • Family Tree Now
  • Fast people search
  • Find people search
  • Location SMS
  • PeopleSearchNow
  • SearchUSAPeople
  • True people search
  • Truecaller
  • USA people search
  • Who easy
  • Zlookup
  • ZabaSearch

what are the best alternative of image search ReverseImagesearchpro is free tool to help you for getting related images in any browser.


We recommend FastPeopleSearch. It's simple and modest, yet they offer relatively few services. Finding your people is a must-try. You get 5 data completely free. Moreover, here is the list of Best People Search engines that may help you find anyone per your need. Check out the more specialized Search Engines List by clicking here.


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