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Facebook collects information from users to sell it


Facebook is collecting our information and ingenuously adopting different tactics. The purpose of collecting user information is to show ads very precisely with the specific target market. The social network site is doing the job in many fashions.


As of late, in an interview session with Incorporation Magazine, founder and Chief Technology Officer of WordStream, a search engine optimization company discussed Facebook.


WordStream has created an infographic on how Facebook collects data.


The social network site knows almost everything about a user- where s/he goes, what s/he eats or does and all alike.

Larry explains that though people create awareness in terms of Facebook privacy, nevertheless they provide their personal information spontaneously. Every day more than 1 billion people express their opinion, thoughts, ideology, pictures, videos and so forth on Facebook. Additionally, they share different types of content with their friends and family members.

Eventually, Facebook knows where you donate, which cars you drive, which sites you visit and else.

We share many metadata-posts willingly on Facebook. Metadata is a data set which informs about other data. During log-in, posting check-in or listening to favorite songs consciously or subconsciously we provide valuable information in every step. Thus, by collecting all that data Facebook became the marketing wizard.

The site even channels ads from different organizations analyzing users’ relationship status, political interest, religion, and age.

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