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Empowering Tech Innovation: Strategic Internet Management Solutions 2023

By  Emma G

The internet is one of the most revolutionary tech innovations. 

Thanks to internet access, information on the World Wide Web (WWW) is now accessible at the click of a button. All you need is a smartphone or laptop and stable Wi-Fi. 

Internet connectivity has also made connecting with friends and relatives spread overseas incredibly easy. These connections are possible via social media platforms like Facebook or teleconferencing applications like Skype. 

There are many other ways that the internet continues to improve our lives

But like any technological innovation, the internet isn’t without its challenges. Among the most commonly reported issues is poor or unstable connectivity. 

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to address the scourge of spotty internet. One such method is by engaging strategic internet management solutions. 

Read on as we delve deeper into what strategic internet management solutions are and why you need them.

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What Are Internet Management Solutions? 

An internet management solution, also known as a managed internet service, is exactly what the name implies - an internet service managed and supervised by your internet service provider (ISP). 

Perhaps we should back up a bit and familiarize ourselves with the responsibilities of an ISP. 

Now, your internet service provider is a company that offers access to the internet. There are various ways through which ISPs may provide their internet services. Notable ones include dial-ups, digital subscriber lines (DSLs), cables, wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi), and fiber-optic connections. 

Note that an ISP may not be the originator of their internet services. Instead, they must supply the internet to their clients. Consumers must typically have a modem and an active account to enjoy ISP services. 

But the job of ISPs doesn't stop at availing internet connection. Most of these companies also provide managed internet solutions.

How Does Managed Internet Service Work?

Managed internet solutions monitor your internet services around the clock. The services offered are often exclusive to your property portfolio. 

The primary role of your managed internet service provider is to keep your connection at peak performance. 

To deliver on that mandate, these companies must actively monitor your connection for speed fluctuations. They also screen your internet for signs of potential attacks.

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Benefits Of Managed Internet Solutions

 Active Internet Speed Monitoring

The internet has permeated virtually every aspect of our life. That means you'll require managed internet solutions if you work a job that needs you to be actively connected to the internet most of the time. 

Online writers, tutors, email marketers, and digital nomads are among the top candidates for managed Internet solutions. A subtle lag in your internet speed could cause you a lifetime opportunity.

Stay-at-home parents can equally benefit from the services offered by managed internet solutions. Whether catching up on your favorite Netflix series or following a YouTube cooking class, you'll need your internet connection to be superfast to keep up. 

In a residential setting, managed internet services are especially important for property owners who’ve installed public Wi-Fi. These companies will usually fix connectivity issues before tenants realize there are lags. That translates to fewer complaints from your current tenants and more positive reviews from your previous ones. 

Cybersecurity Expertise

Managed internet solutions aren't only beneficial in maintaining your internet's speed. These services may also come in handy in detecting potential security issues and flagging them before they develop into full-blown threats. 

Whether it's an ambitious hacker trying to breach your office Wi-Fi or a tenant attempting to download malicious software, you can trust your managed internet solutions provider to kick in and seize control of the situation. 

Managing Multiple ISPs

Another great thing about managed internet service providers is that they aren't necessarily tied to your regular ISP. 

It's possible to find an ISP that offers managed internet in its suite of services. But sometimes, your managed internet service provider may be an independent entity altogether. That means they aren't tied to simply one ISP. Therefore, the company can help source the best internet services for your business or property based on your needs. 

When working independently from your ISP, managed internet service providers can recommend the best internet solution whether your business operates on a single roof or is spread in multiple locations. Besides, they have the know-how to manage a slew of connections from several ISPs. 

Consolidating Billing

Last but not least, managed internet service providers still perform other core duties of regular ISPs. 

Some of those services include updating you on information like tariff changes, billing periods, and available discounts offered by your ISPs. 

If you happen to have procured internet services from different ISPs, it’s the job of your managed internet solutions provider to consolidate your billing.

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Are All Managed Internet Solutions Made Equal?

Absolutely not! 

Managed internet solutions providers differ in many ways. Therefore, it's essential to conduct due diligence before picking the right company. 

At the very least, insist on a service provider that guarantees reliability. 

In this respect, reliability is gauged by around-the-clock post-installation customer support and the ability to diagnose and fix problems fast. The company should provide a ‘Wi-Fi no dead zone’ guarantee to be deemed worth their salt.

Final Word

Managed internet solutions are essential to the smooth operation of digital companies and Wi-Fi-installed residential areas. 

These services ensure any lags or potential security breaches on your internet connection are fixed before they can cause a significant loss in productivity.


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