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Edward Snowden Thinks Russia Is Behind The NSA Hack


Edward Snowden, the whistleblower, is of the belief that, in all probability, Russia is responsible for the alleged US National Security Agency (NSA) hack.

Hackers allegedly got hold of digital arsenal or malware deployed by Equation Group, the cyber espionage unit that has links with the NSA.

Hackers who called themselves Shadow Brokers put up the leaks, which consisted of exploits and malware widely-used firewalls from manufacturers such as Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, and TopSec, for an auction.

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden took to Twitter to substantiate his theory.

Edward Snowden, who is in exile in an undisclosed location in Russia, started sending a series of tweets by saying that NSA’s malware staging server had been hacked earlier on as well, but the take has been published for the first time now.

Kaspersky, a security firm, said that the original files are likely from the Equation Group with links to the NSA.

According to Dave Aitel, a former NSA employee who also pointed out that Russia might be involved; this could be a diplomatic move in the wake of blaming Russia for hacking the US Democratic Party’s computers.

In a tweet, Edward Snowden said that the leak is most likely a warning that someone would be able to prove the US responsible for attacks originating from this malware server.

Meanwhile, an analysis released by Kaspersky pointed out that it believes with a great degree of certainty that the tools obtained by Shadow Brokers are related to Equation Group’s malware.

This is because the sample elements that those hackers released for the purpose of verification displayed Equation’s unique characteristics.

On their part, Shadow Brokers are organizing an auction to dispose off the key for the remaining data, which according to them is encrypted.

Wikileaks, the whistleblowing website, has also said that it is in possession of the same data and that it will release it in due course.

However, the hackers have suggested that the Wikileaks’ claim may not be true. When asked as to why anyone should trust them, the hackers said that the risk would be higher if there is no trust.

They also noted that people have to take the risk if they like the reward, but there are no guarantees as they could win or lose.

Mr. Aitel listed out the reasons as to why he was almost certain as regards the link between the malware leak and hacking of the computer of the US Democratic Party, which led to the resignation of a few senior leaders of the party in one of the blog posts published by him.

They included the auction’s timing as it is being done nearly three years after the information was stolen, experts opined.

According to him, high-level officials in the political field in the US were upset about the Democratic Party hacks.

In a post published recently, he noted that only those who are experts in the field of operational security or those who are desirous of taking advantage of the bugs would ever keep quiet about something big like this for a long time.

Edward Snowden explained through his tweets that security services commonly attempted to target the hacking tools of each other in order to create “fingerprints” which would help them detect the same in the future.

He also noted that no one knows as to why they did it, but his suspicion is that this has to do more with diplomacy than intelligence and is linked to the escalation of the DNC hack.

Edward Snowden, who suggested that the leak could be a warning sign, also added that the NSA leak could have significant consequences as far as foreign policy matters are concerned, particularly if the operations targeted any of the US allies and elections.

In addition, the NSA hack might be a ploy to influence the calculations of decision makers who are wondering as to how they should respond to the DNC hacks.

According to Edward Snowden, the leak appeared as though somebody is sending a message that the attribution game could get messy very fast.

The comments of Edward Snowden however should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Source : darkwebnews


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