Thursday, 08 December 2016 03:36

Digle Harnesses the Power of Users for Better Search Results


'Digle' is a new search engine that goes back to the roots of searching. In the days before the internet, looking up information took human power, with trips to the library virtually unavoidable. Though Google automated the search process online, Digle is addressing some of its shortcomings by returning to that people-powered process.

While Google is a great option for searching the web for broad items, it can be tougher to find very specific information, products, or other items. For instance, search a long tail query like "Where to find an Audi TT Coupe for less than $35,000 within five miles of me?" might either bring up too few results or far too many to search through. Digle matches novice searchers with more experienced users, letting the more experienced people find items being searched (and win money if they find the most.)

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Auhtor : Joey Haar


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