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Darknet E-Book As A Malicious Software


The internet has been abuzz with warnings about a new darknet eBook that has been doing rounds there, concealed as a free guidebook while in fact it’s a delivery system malware.

It claims to teach rookie users how to navigate through the darknet and make safe purchases using bitcoin, while also maintaining high standards of anonymity for user protection.

Already many web surfers have downloaded this malicious software onto their computers, putting both their machines and bitcoin sums at serious risk of being tampered with.

While this is a topic many individuals will probably take a keen interest on, exact origins of the darknet manual as well as download link are shrouded in mystery.

However, interested parties can still find more information about it on the internet for free, assuming they want to put more effort towards achieving this.

Always practice extreme caution when opening free web files, especially those that are based on darknet topics.

Most people already know that clicking on random PDF files can cause disaster, and are knowledgeable enough not to open mysterious email messages in their inbox with shady attachments.

Nevertheless, there are still those who are not very keen when it comes to retrieving such malicious files directly from the net.

According to Reddit subscribers, this free darknet eBook originated from Reddit itself and has been popping up in multiple darknet related sub-reddits for almost an entire week, possibly already infecting 100s or even 1000s of users.

One point of major concern is that scanning this software in the reputable anti-virus site “VirusTotal,” shows that the darknet file is indeed safe, clean and free from any nefarious programs.

Though, this development isn’t new, as many recent infectious files can also appear harmless even to highly advanced malware programs, including ransom-ware and “Zeus” mega botnet malware.

It’s likely that the infected file’s creators are only targeting darknet users, possibly to gain access to their market accounts and virtual bitcoin wallets.

Currently, information is rather scanty on how computers infected by this malicious software can be scanned or cleaned.

But when that information comes up it will be published online for affected persons to use it accordingly.

Even so, the best approach for those who’ve not yet been affected is simply steering clear of web downloads posing as user guides.

Individuals interested in learning more about Darknet operations are better off referring to instructions found on the specific sites they are using.

Whenever someone posts a direct link on the web to content that’s not yet well understood, users should be weary lest they become victims of cybercriminals.

Even though this darknet file is being hosted on MEGA, there’s still no way of determining whether or not it’s just a regular PDF free book, or file packaging malware with ransomware threats on the cover.

malware-microsoftMost times the darknet malware is spread through infected folders such as PDFs, Word documents and ZIP files.

This is so that it can reach as many individuals as possible.

While VirusTotal hasn’t raised any red flags as far as downloads go, it’s always safe to open files on a cloud machine first upon download.

This will help avoid malicious software or any other types ofmalware from being installed into one’s computer.

While the guide could be a legitimate version of the darknet eBook, only modified to serve interests of a few cybercriminals, such assertions seem doubtful right now.

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be the first time someone has attacked Bitcoin users in an effort to infiltrate their wallets.

Darknet hackers consider this a lucrative business and usually invest a lot in it. Particularly taking into consideration how many people are nowadays interested in safeguarding their anonymity online.

In that regard, malware disguised as an eBook seems like a smart move, at least for the persons concerned.

If web users are interested in finding out more about darknet matters and keeping their identities secret, they can refer with Google instead.

Here you can find useful information on how to remain “off the grid” without risking your own safety.

Some people have tried to refine their strategy in remaining anonymous while browsing darknet, and are willing to share these valuable tips with others.

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